MIS: Speedway to Stardom

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MIS: Speedway to Stardom
(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

This coming weekend NASCAR invades Michigan International Speedway, home to records held by great NASCAR drivers, and bragging rights that echo throughout the halls of major manufacturers.

Only 67 miles southwest of Detroit, MIS, has been a “must win” on every team's lips for the last 40 years.

Last year saw the winnings of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Carl Edwards. This year 43 teams will try to earn, along with their manufacturers, the glory of those that came before.

Some fun facts about MIS:

—On NASCAR weekends (twice a year).

—The population of Brooklyn, Michigan blooms from 1,200 to 170,000, thus making it the third largest city in the state for approximately six days a year.

—The sales of various items may shock you. They sell approximately 130,000 T-shirts, 100,000 hats, 80,000 earplugs, 64,000 credential holders, 30,000 seat cushions, and that’s not including food and drink sales during one event weekend!

—Track records at MIS include some of the greatest driving names ever, like Pearson, Petty, Jarrett, Rudd, Waltrip, Wallace, and Yarborough.

This year, they're sponsoring some special events as well. The Life Lock “Lock in 2 Win” contest should be amazing! Go to lifelock.com and register (no purchase necessary) then place your pick of the drivers you think will fall in first and second in the Life Lock 400. You could win up to two million dollars!

Another special event held at MIS is their annual September 11th blood drive. Each year on September 11th, Michigan International Speedway hosts the Spirit of America blood drive with all donations benefiting the Great Lakes Region of the American Red Cross.

Due to its overwhelming success, the Spirit of America blood drive caught the attention of the NASCAR Foundation in 2007, which has since created the NASCAR Foundation Blood and Marrow Drive, which took place at nearly 30 different race tracks around the country in 2008.

Truly MIS is a wonderful track to visit and fun for drivers and fans alike.

What will this years races hold? Will some one break Ryan Newman’s qualifying record of 194.232 mph/approx 37 sec? Will the driver holding both records for advancing his position (Tony Stewart) take the win?

The guesses are as good as yours my fellow fans, but it should be fun to watch.

 *Facts from the 2009 MIS Media Guide

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