Everyone Has a Home in Dallas!

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IApril 24, 2008

Jerry Jones has always been open to the notion of risk vs. reward. He is always willing to take a risk on players who maybe other teams will avoid. This has paid off over the years. However I think there must be a breaking point.

Will this be the year?

The Patriots have been built on the notion of “team.” Everyone who comes in is forced to eat Belichick's humble pie.

They all buy into it, and all win, well almost win this year, but you get my point.

The Colts are built through draft. When they lined up to play the Chargers in their last game of the 2007 season, all 22 starters have never played for any other team than the Colts.

Take this a step further, and of the 53-man roster, only the kicker Adam Vinatieri was acquired via free agency. Everyone was either drafted, or brought in after the draft.

The Colts have also won at least 12 games five seasons in a row.

These teams have a plan and are consistent. These teams have coaches who control the players.

I don't think you can say the same for Wade Phillips.

When he became coach last year, Cowboys players were saying how he is so much more laid back than Parcells and how everyone is much more relaxed.

This is not always a good thing, especially when you have such characters in your locker room.

When Pacman likes to relax, he goes to strip clubs. Well, he found the best city possible because per Yahoo!, Dallas has the most strip clubs per square mile of any NFL city.


Johnson has been known to attend these strip clubs as well, however, he also adds the occasional run-in with the law for drug and/or gun possession.

We all know about Owens and being his history of being a "ME" guy.

He is only happy when he is getting the ball and/or his team is winning. It won't be long before he begins his standard routine of throwing his quarterback under the bus as Romo continues his love affair with blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson, and the Cowboys continue to not be able to win a playoff game.

Wonder the last time they actually won a playoff game?

Well that would be On Dec. 28, 1996, when they beat the Minnesota Vikings, 40-15. Looks like the drought is now on year 12.

So my question is, when will this Cowboys team reach a breaking point?

Locker room cohesion is very important to winning. Most of the Cowboys players are young and need team leaders to make sure they head in the right direction.

Usually that guy is the quarterback, but Romo is relatively new the NFL and hasn't seemed to handle is fame in the best way.

With all these characters and with Jones being an overbearing owner/GM, will the Cowboys risk/reward rate continue to pay off in 2008?

Will this be the year they break their playoff losing streak or will Pacman Jones be the final straw in what has become the Dallas Cowboys Soap Opera?

Hey, maybe now they can go after Ohcho-Cinco!

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