Kaka Leaves to Help AC Milan? Immature and Manipulated?

Perm VacationCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

MILAN, ITALY - APRIL 26:  Kaka of Milan celebrates scoring his first goal during the Serie A match between AC Milan and US Citta di Palermo at the San Siro Stadium on April 26, 2009 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

What is with this Kaka stating he left to help AC Milan? Seriously, if Kaka wanted to help AC Milan, then he should have either stayed and pulled off the best season of his career or left for the £100 Million City were offering.

He states he took advice from David Beckham of all people, who worse to take advice from than David Beckham?

You could not get worse advice anywhere else and that is coming from an Englishman calling another Englishman an average hyped up footballer glorified by two hyped up clubs.

I am so glad Kaka did not come to Manchester City, because Kaka arriving would have pushed out Stephen Ireland and lets face it. I rate Stephen Ireland higher than I do Kaka.

I personally think we need a battling attacking right midfielder and not a flair right midfielder, as we already have Robinho on the left.

You maybe would point out to me that one is left footed and the other is right and I would respond with, sometimes having two none defensive wingers will haunt you and often unbalance a team. How on earth would you keep both these players happy?

Well getting back to the point of Kaka, was he pushed out by AC Milan officials?, is he immature enough to be persuaded and manipulated?, did he lie to AC Milan fans? and Has Kaka made a grave mistake leaving for Real Madrid.

Surely Real Madrid are just another Man United, glorified plastic clubs on the edge of collapse. History accounts for absolutely nothing in the financial world though fans delude themselves into thinking it makes you immortal in world football.

Only time will tell the story but that does not stop us from talking about possibilities and maybes.

Wait a minute, why has the world not turned on Real Madrid like they did on Manchester City?, surely that is just bluntly and outrageously hypocritical?.

After all that 'you're destroying football' attack the puppets are shown for who they are.

So what is your opinion on the Kaka saga, does he deserve to be in the same boat as Cristiano Ronaldo, a slow sinking boat of debt.

Its clear to see these clubs will eventually be forced to sell players but will they? Or will they sell all their other players just to keep the flair boys?

Don't get me started on God and Religion.