WWE: Extreme Rules and the Raw Aftermath

BenContributor IJune 9, 2009

370782 01: World Wrestling Federation's Wrestler Triple H Poses June 12, 2000 In Los Angeles, Ca.  (Photo By Getty Images)

Extreme Rules was a great PPV. The reason? Smackdown. Over the past couple of months Raw has not produced enough good matches; it obviously needs a change.

The ladder match at Extreme Rules was brilliant, and undoubtedly the match of the night. The people who say WWE is predictable were proven right and wrong in the same night.

How obvious was it since the match was announced that Cena was going to win against the Big Show? I'm not a Cena hater, not by a long shot, but that doesn't make me a big fan either.

And Big Show? I probably find him more boring than Khali now. He's constantly angry, boring and slow. You always knew Cena was going to win. That's the predictability part.

Then there was the ladder match. The match was brilliant, then with CM Punk taking the title, that is the unpredictability that we love in wrestling.

I never thought that if Jeff Hardy won at Extreme Rules, CM Punk would be cashing in for the title. It was a big shock, and however much I would like to see Hardy as champion, it was the right decision.

Smackdown can now have a new feud, a heel CM Punk, with Jeff Hardy trying to get his title back. This is why Smackdown is so good.

Now the WWE Championship match, which was basically as much as a squash match as Batista-Rhodes last week on Raw. The match didn't have to much offense from Orton and was over in about eight minutes. 

Honestly, it made sense to give Batista the title because it shows him getting his revenge, but Orton should be getting a longer run than he has been having.

I liked the ECW championship match, as it looks like Tommy Dreamer will be sticking around, ECW is looking really good at the moment. The hog pen match was awful except for the hilarious promo by Goldust backstage. Anything Goldust ever does I love, the Tourette's gimmick he does.

Now for Raw, what we saw on Raw made me think maybe it could start to get better. Some people will again say that it wasn't very good, but I think it was.

MVP now looks like he will be going for the WWE Championship (I hope), which would really change things and make the main event more exciting.

As always I'm sure people will complain about Triple H returning, but I loved it, I've always been a big HHH fan and it was a well put together return.

Batista looks to be injured again and the storyline of breaking his arm looks to be a way of putting him out. Triple H was more vicious and vengeful like he used to be.

How many times in the 90s and early 00s did you see him beating people with chairs the way he did last night? This is how he should have reacted months ago in the build up to Wrestlemania.

People might argue that yes it is again Triple H-Orton, but next week there is a three hour Raw. If they are having three title matches then why not use this as an opportunity to bring MVP in.

MVP says he wants to be in the mix for the title, so a triple threat of MVP-Triple H-Orton would be perfect. Incorporating MVP into it that way would add something different to the main event mix.