5 Questions You'd Love to Ask Manchester United Boss David Moyes

Scott Rom@@R_o_MFeatured ColumnistFebruary 13, 2014

5 Questions You'd Love to Ask Manchester United Boss David Moyes

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    Football fans can be an interfering bunch and often talk as though they know better than their manager. Even when Sir Alex Ferguson was at the club, his decisions to buy and sell certain players, start particular people, and make the substitutions he did, came under scrutiny.

    More often than not, Ferguson got it right, and made the United fans that doubted him look fairly foolish. 

    United fans are confronted with a different scenario now though as, for the first time in a few decades they have a manager who hasn't proven that he knows best. The players he is managing have enjoyed far more success in their careers, whilst Moyes doesn't have a single trophy to support his methods.

    If United fans could ask him five questions, what would they be?

Why Do You Keep Bringing Valencia on at Right-Back?

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    United have struggled at right-back this season, despite Rafael da Silva proving himself as a fine player when on form. But between injuries for the Brazilian and some disappointing performances, as well as Chris Smalling looking very uncomfortable when forced in to the full-back position, United have been weak down their right side defensively.

    When Moyes is chasing a victory he opts to shift Valencia to right-back so he can bring another winger on. Whilst this can give us a better option going forward, it leaves us in a mess at the back, as late goals against Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham proved.

    How has he not spotted that this tactic really doesn't work?

Why Didn't You Sign Thiago?

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    In the summer, the leg work had all been done by David Moyes and Ed Woodward's predecessors for us to sign Thiago from Barcelona.

    The youngster was pictured wearing a United shirt when he was a kid and the Spanish press reported that he was keen to join United. A clause in his contract meant that we could get him on the cheap, making him a perfect buy for the Glazers too.

    However, with Moyes not keen to commit to signing a player he hadn't seen enough of, Bayern Munich swooped him away, aided by his former mentor, Pep Guardiola.

    Messing up this deal was just the first of a long line of costly dithering in the summer and, now plying his trade in Germany, the 22-year-old looks to be the real deal and just what United could have done with in midfield this season.

Why Can't We Defend?

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    Lots of United fans were unhappy about the appointment of Moyes because he didn't have experience of success. When Sir Alex Ferguson took the job, United were in the relegation zone, yet their former manager came to Manchester with league titles and European trophies.

    However, one of the positives that was expected to come with this appointment was his reputation as a manager who could ensure his team put in a solid defensive performance and was reliable at the back.

    Hull, Southampton and Everton are amongst the seven teams that have a better defensive record than us this season and we've conceded first in over half the games we've played. What happened to the Moyes that ground out 0-0 draws against sides better than his? Who pinched 1-0 wins after making sure the opposition couldn't get through? 

Why Would You Ever Play Mata on the Wing?

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    With Robin van Persie, Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata and Adnan Januzaj, as well as Chicharito and Danny Welbeck, United have one of the best forward lines in Europe.

    Sadly, their midfield has been poor, with the central midfielders competing with the wingers as the worst performing position this season.

    United signed Mata for a club record in the January transfer window and lots of United fans hoped this would be the turning point. Finally they could shift from 4-4-2 to a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation, to get the best out of their best players.

    Instead, Moyes has persisted with trying to force our players in to the same old formation, playing the same old tactics. Why? It is embarrassingly one-dimensional and unadventurous.

Why Would You Call This Team 'Mentally Soft'?

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    Following United's 2-2 draw with Fulham, as part of a run of results that saw our form fall behind the likes of West Ham and Sunderland, as well as equaling the form of Crystal Palace, Moyes referred to a "mental softness."

    To concede at the death is something you would not expect from a quality side, especially when playing against one of the worst teams in the league, but can the champions of England really be mentally soft?

    The 14 players on the pitch that afternoon had a combined 37 league titles, among all the other medals they've won. For years this side has been hailed for being mentally strong, for never giving up, and for playing until the final whistle.

    So Moyes' criticism of the team leaves us with a simple conclusion. This team wasn't mentally soft last season, so if there are problems with their mentality, whose fault is that?