Atlanta Hawks Reportedly Targeting Jeff Green Trade with Boston Celtics

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistFebruary 10, 2014

USA Today

The Atlanta Hawks have eyes for Boston Celtics forward Jeff Green.

According to the New York Daily News' Mitch Lawrence, Atlanta is looking to take Green off Boston's hands:

Lawrence also says the cost for the Hawks has been loosely determined:

As Celtics general manager Danny Ainge continues his team's extensive rebuild, Green's name was destined to crop up. ESPN's Chris Broussard (subscription required) previously reported Boston was looking to dump as much salary as possible, and that Avery Bradley, Gerald Wallace and Green were all available.

Green, who is being paid $8.7 million this season, is owed $18.4 million over the next two years. Though he leads the Celtics with 16.3 points per game, he's also shooting a career-low 41.8 percent from the field.

Atlanta's DeMarre Carroll, on the other hand, is having a career year. The former first-round pick is putting in 10.4 points on 47.3 percent shooting in 31.1 minutes per game. He's also connecting on a respectable 36.8 percent of his three-pointers.

A straight-up trade of Green for Carroll wouldn't work financially, since the latter is earning under $2.6 million this season. Other players totaling somewhere between $4.7-4.8 million would have to be sent Boston's way in any deal.

Atlanta does have a need for another scorer with Al Horford out for the rest of this season, but it's unclear what role Green would play.

While he's spent most of his career at small forward, indicates he's posting a 17.8 player efficiency rating at the 4 this year compared to 13.9 at the 3. The Hawks already have a starting power forward in Paul Millsap, so unless they plan to bring Green off the bench, he'll remain at the 3, where he's been largely unimpressive.

For Boston, the deal is a no-brainer if it isn't forced to take back any long-term salary.

Ridding the books of Green's pact creates additional financial flexibility for summer 2015, which USA Today's Sam Amick says is a priority for Ainge and Co. Moving Green also increases the value of their first-round pick in this summer's loaded 2014 draft class.

"We have a lot of options and a lot of assets to maneuver within the draft itself," Ainge told The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn in January.

Options that may now include the Celtics dumping yet another one of their lengthy contracts.


*All salary information obtained via ShamSports