The 10 Most Embarrassing Fights in MMA History

Conor WhiteContributor IJune 9, 2009

Andrei Arlovski's quick loss to Brett Rogers has inspired debate of some of the worst performances in MMA. While I am not a life-long fan I have payed close attention to MMA promotions the past four or five years and these are my top ten most embarrassing fights I have seen in my days following MMA.

Arlovski will be exempt for this list due to not knowing where Brett Rogers is set to go and if this loss will be the one fluke victory on Roger's resume. TO THE LIST!


10. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Coming into the UFC Cro Cop had a big reputation following him from Pride. The member of Croatian Parliament was notorious for his head kicks and knees. Cro Cop was set to fight Randy Couture for the Heavyweight title.

All he had to do was beat Gonzaga. Cro Cop came out and was taken down and pummelled quickly when they got to their feet Cro Cop had no idea what was waiting for him his own weapon, the vicious head kick, Gonzaga unleashed on him made him crumble.

Gonzaga went on to the title fight and Cro Cop went on to lose to Cheick Kongo, and disappear from UFC to lesser promotions until this coming Saturday at UFC 99 The Comeback.


9. Georges St. Pierre (GSP) vs. Serra II

Matt Serra is never afraid to talk a big game. He did not hold back at all going into his rematch with GSP. He said he didn't care what drove GSP to lose focus the result would be the same. GSP stood by his word that he was more ready then ever for Serra.

He came out and battle Serra to the ground and worked the BJJ master all over the place. The second round was much of the same and Serra had no idea what to do and the match was called due to GSP driving knees into the ribs of Serra one after another. Serra was completely over matched and his over confidence helped none.


8. Keith Jardine vs. Wanderlei Silva

There wasn't much hype going into this match. Wanderlei Silva was trying to save his UFC career coming in with three straight loses. Jardine was coming off of a huge win over Chuck Liddell and looking to put his name up with the top contenders of the Light Heavyweight division.

Wanderlei wasn't looking for unemployment so he jumped out quickly and caught Jardine with a flurry of knees and punches. Jardine went down quick and Silva held his head as he pummelled it till the fight was called 36 seconds into it. Jardine lost all credibility as a top contender and is 1-1 since.


7. GSP vs. Serra I

Matt Serra was coming off The Ultimate Fighter 4 victory and attempting to become the new Welterweight Champion. In his way was GSP, the man who looked unbeatable. He had controlled his last fight with Matt Hughes and was more young and talented then anyone in the division.

Only problem was someone forgot to tell Serra. Serra came in with heavy hands and dropped GSP early in the fight GSP was rattled and his first title defense was not to be as he tapped out to strikes in just under three and a half minutes.


6. Bob Sapp vs. Jerome Lebanner

Bob Sapp is a very interesting choice to make this list for this fight. He didn't win nor lose. While he has had loses that were due to embarrassing conditioning, this one was by far the worst.

Sapp was seen crying in the middle of rounds hoping not to take punishment from Lebanner any longer. Have to reference Tom Hanks on this one but "There's no crying in..." MMA!


5. Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites

Thales Leites was trying to prove he belonged in the title fight. A 5 fight win streak was not enough to impress fans. Silva was out to prove why he was considered the best fighter in the world. Problem was game plans did not match up for a good fight. Leites wanted Silva on the ground to show his Jiu-Jitsu off.

Silva wanted a striking fest. Everytime Silva went in Leites fell to the ground in hopes of bringing Silva with him. His inability to do so led to five rounds of pure boredom and an enraged Dana White then had Silva moved up a weight class believing everyone in the middleweight division is too afraid to fight him.

Leites simply proved every doubt about him against Silva, and is yet to be signed to another fight yet.


4. Nate Quarry vs. Kalib Starnes

In what was expected an exciting middleweight fight. Kalib Starnes decided he did not want to fight. Back pedalling the whole way Starnes did nothing but it weak punches from Quarry who eventually began to mock Starnes by doing the running man and feinting at Starnes with his hand over his face.

Starnes was released the next day from UFC and was verbally ripped apart by Dana White and many others the day after.


3. Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter

Travis Lutter had a fire, winning the Ultimate Fighter 4 earning a title shot. Everyone thought he would be able to give a run to the dominant middleweight champion. However, Travis Lutter showed up overweight and got the fight changed to a catchweight losing his title opportunity.

He made an impression on Silva in the first round and it looked like he could win. However, the overweight, out-of-shape thing caught up to him and he was caught with a triangle choke. Lutter blew a golden opportunity for the title and then was made a fool in round two.


2. Paulo Filho vs. Chael Sonnen II

This was a rematch of a match that haunted Chael Sonnen. Sonnen had controlled the first two rounds of the original title fight before being caught with an armbar. Filho was wel aware of what Sonnen could bring and should prepare hard for the final middleweight title fight for WEC.

Filho did a lot to prepare by showing up seven pounds overweight making the fight not for the title. Filho also showed laziness the entire match consistently trying to get Sonnen in another submission. Sonnen stayed away and put on a clinic on his feet for Filho.

The judges ruled unanimously for Sonnen in three rounds. Filho was then in turn not signed by the UFC and has not fought since.


1. Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli

Petruzelli was a small heavyweight and a late replacement for Ken Shamrock on the Elite XC card. Kimbo Slice was the fortitude of the company, and the main bill for most cards. The 205.5 pound Petruzelli came out swinging and took Kimbo down with punches and continued the onslaught to TKO him in 10 seconds.

While this sounds similar to other fights. Kimbo losing caused more then just his knees folding he was the reason for the collapse of Elite XC as a whole. Elite XC filed for bankruptcy within two weeks of Kimbo's loss.