The Heart of a Champion: Breaking Down Brown vs Faber II

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJune 9, 2009

What exactly is heart? Yes it provides you to live your daily life's but what is it?

Better yet what is an heart of a champion?

Well if you witnessed the epic battle between Brown and Faber this past Sunday you did not need to look any further.

Urijah Faber toar through the WEC Featherweight Division for astonishing three years. Faber seemed to be unbeatable.

But every superman has it's kryptonite and for Faber his ended up being Brown!

Not to many people knew about this new No. 1 contender Mike Brown or the weapons he possessed. Fans of Faber assumed he was going to work his magic like always and pull off another flawless victory.

That's when lightening struck (Brown), and it struck hard.

During the first bout Faber was stuck on the fence, like a deer trapped in the lights of a speeding car. Faber like always using his unique fighting skills which got him were he is today, through an spinning elbow like no other that's when Brown landed a perfectly timed stone of an hand and dropped the champ.

Faber was on his hand's and knee's when Brown loaded up, to finish his prey and gain a very long awaited prized possession (WEC Title). Brown fired off and hit Faber bullet after bullet.

The referee had no other chose but to halt the fight at that exact moment.

But the true fighter in Faber did not just hold his head low just yet, although he lost his trophy (belt), Faber took this opportunity as fuel to bounce back to epic rematch.

Faber could not just jump right ahead to an rematch just yet, he had to get through the shadows of little evil one last time!

Faber VS Pulver II was looking to be even better than the first time. But Faber was looking just to repeat history but to do even better and simply destroy "Little Evil", which he did.

Urijah's eyes were reset on the prize, he had the eye of the tiger!

The rematch was set we were about to witness chapter two in what can be an epic series on June 7, 2009 we all witness the heart of a true champion(s).


After a long dull day what better way to end a yawning Sunday than to witness an awesome battle of true champions?


Brown vs Faber not only lived up to the hype but surpassed it.

Not only did Brown have to defend an unorthodox and unique and I mean very unique fighter, what I mean is Faber is just simply talented. Brown had to do it in the California Kid's backyard which is an hard task of it's own.

I read an article a few days ago asking is there sportsmanship in MMA? If you witnessed Sunday's bout you would know the answer to that.


The two warriors met in the middle of the battleground and not only pounded fist but wrapped up and showed major respect for one another's talent.

But once that bell rang the alarm rang and both men were seeing red. Faber using his quickness like a cheetah and setting every attack with an timed effort. While Brown stalked his prey waiting for the moment to capture and devour that very prey.

Brown used his brute force of strength to try and slow down the speedy Faber. But Faber was not going down that easy he through his shots like no other. Bobbin and weaving but it will cost him his weapons in the end.

Faber crushed his hand by throwing an knock out attempt of a shot. At the end of the round Faber knew his main striking force was going, but that did not keep the wise fight down just yet.

Faber came out throwing kicks, elbows anything he could to stay afloat of being drowned by the dangerous Brown.

But Brown also stepped his game up not only to show he was an true champion but that the first bout was no fluke.

The big bad Brown used his strength to over power the young gun to dominate the majority of the fight.

But as an former champion Faber did not quit, he lasted all the way to the fifth round which seem impossible for the ex champ.

Brown was set on finishing the Cali kid off but to no avail as Faber as the heart of a former champ set in and finished off an what would end up being an unforgettable effort by both men.

With his weapons broken Faber knew that he had suffered another loss to the well deserved champ Mike Brown. But Faber did not quit he stuck through the pain to even try to pull off an victory.

As the horn went off the crowd and every fan witnessing at home knew who was going to get their hand raised (Mike Brown).

This night would not only be known for the great brawl we witness but for the heart these two men displayed.

If you could put an definition to an heart of the champion it should be Brown V Faber II.

Although a third bout does not make to much since hopefully we can witness an epic Brown vs Faber III! 


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