Post-Tuna Cowboys Headed For Destruction

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IApril 24, 2008

Trade for Pacman Step in Wrong Direction

Before Jerry Jones begged Bill Parcells to come and save his franchise, he and his inner circle made a complete mess out of America's Team.

Now that the Big Tuna has been gone for more than a year, Jones and his merry men are heading back down that same path of destruction.

This week they agreed in principle on a deal to obtain the Titans' embattled CB, Adam "Pacman" Jones for an undisclosed draft choice or choices. This is Jones' second recent ill-advised move in the attempt to get his club back to NFL prominence.

The first, of course, is the Terrell Owens signing. That move was in direct conflict with Bill Parcells' wishes. Tuna stated publicly that he did not want Owens. Jones overruled him, creating the rift that eventually ended their harmonious relationship.

Fortunately for Jones, Owens played well for his Cowboys and is an integral part of the Cowboys' resurgence.

But that doesn't mean it was the right move to make. 

Jones has been lucky with Owens thus far. There is still a growing sentiment that T.O. will implode this club and deflate shooting star Tony Romo along the way. 

There's no question that if Parcells was still in town he would object to this Pacman move as well. That means it's probably the wrong thing to do. 

Tuna usually has a good feel for things. He was against the T.O. signing and he may still be vindicated for that. You see, the Cowboys have won nothing, as of yet.

Pacman Jones' situation may be a tad different. Whereas Owens was not a law-breaker, Jones is a one-man crime spree. He can't stay off the police blotters.

Now he's coming to Dallas (providing Roger Goodell reinstates him), home of some of the world's finest gentlemen's clubs. These establishments—as we all know—are Pacman's weakness.

What do I think will happen? He won't be able to stay away, and he'll get himself in trouble again.

But from Jerry Jones' point of view, what does he care? He will only have given a late round draft choice for Pacman, so it's worth the gamble.

And that leads to my point. A gamble.

Since Parcells left the building, the Cowboys are counting more on 'gambles' than sure things.

This should sound familiar, Cowboy fans—that philosophy is how your team became a doormat in the early part of this decade.