WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Feb. 3

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2014

Roy Hibbert has no issues guarding Big Show.
Roy Hibbert has no issues guarding Big Show.Rocky Widner/Getty Images

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin challenged NBA center Roy Hibbert to a match, while John Cena surpassed Kobe Bryant as the American Facebook champion in the melding of two worlds that was the week in WWE social media.

The buzz over the Seattle Seahawks's Super Bowl win also bled over into the best WWE-related tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos. The team is apparently a fan of Daniel Bryan and its General Manager a fan of WWE in general.

The Wyatt Family, championship droughts and Hulk Hogan's latest ad round out the rest of the most shareable and discussion-starting WWE social media tidbits.

An NBA vs. WWE match proposed in jest began with Hibbert of the Indiana Pacers tossing in a jokingly threatening addition to a shout-out.

Austin responded by suggesting that the two athletes play some ball. Hibbert already had bigger plans, including making Big Show the WWE's center.

Any group of NBA players would crush a team of pro wrestlers on the basketball court. What would be infinitely more interesting is if Hibbert and some of his NBA buddies stepped into the ring. Austin proposed just that, booking something that sounds like a wild way to end the next Survivor Series.

Before that unexpected exchange, much of the country huddled around the TV to watch the Super Bowl.

The Seahawks took down the Denver Broncos in a lopsided game. The team celebrated their victory the way an Aberdeen, Wash., native has been for much of his WWE career. 

Sports teams have borrowed the "Yes!" chant before, from Michigan State to the Nigerian national soccer team, but it seems that even the Seahawks' executives have a special love for WWE.

One of the more popular photos floating around the Internet is of Seahawks GM John Schneider posing shirtless with a WWE championship belt around his waist.

This image was not post-Super Bowl as many first believed but became more widely circulated after the Seahawks earned their first NFL title. The image is not surprising in the least coming from a team that boasts a cornerback who treated a post-game interview like a wrestling promo and whose defense is nicknamed "The Legion of Boom." 

WWE also managed to worm its way into Super Bowl weekend by having two Hall of Famers appear on a commercial during the big game. Both Hogan and Sgt. Slaughter were featured in a RadioShack ad filled with famous faces from the '80s.

Big E Langston paid tribute to his own football roots on Wednesday's Main Event.

The former defensive tackle suited up in Iowa Hawkeye-inspired ring wear when he defeated Curtis Axel. WWE shared a shot of him in the outfit backstage.

Big E Langston is ready for action against Curtis Axel.
Big E Langston is ready for action against Curtis Axel.Photo from Instagram

That Instagram photo does well to capture Langston's goofiness. An image of The Wyatt Family on the social media site was just as effective in bottling The Wyatt Family's sinister energy.

Try staring into this pic without a sense of foreboding washing over you.

The Wyatt Family: the kings of creepy.
The Wyatt Family: the kings of creepy.Photo from Instagram

WWE's top 10 countdown video this week is an uplifting one that may help to wash away the creepiness The Wyatt Family's image leaves behind. The series of clips shows several wrestlers winning championships after going long stretches between reigns.

A certain inspiration for this is The New Age Outlaws winning the tag titles at the Royal Rumble after last winning them in 1999. The issue is that WWE provides no backstory on these title wins from Tommy Dreamer, The Legion of Doom, Bob Backlund and others.

It's still an intriguing video and one that is up for debate in terms of ranking order.

The order of most-liked American athletes on Facebook just shifted. As Sports Illustrated and others have noted, Cena passed Kobe in that category.

Cena's 18 million likes are certainly a sign of massive popularity, but he has a long way to go before capturing the title of world Facebook champ. Lionel Messi has 53 million likes, while 73 million people have clicked the "like" button on Cristiano Ronaldo's Facebook page

The Cenation will have to see some significant growth for Cena to ever reach that point.