Ryan Truex Wins the Tioga Downs Casino 125 at Watkins Glen

Horn FanSenior Writer IJune 8, 2009

Michael Waltrip Racing's Ryan Truex won the Tioga Downs Casino 125, the NASCAR Camping World Series East race at Watkins Glen International.

Truex, a rookie in the series, got his first win on his fifth start, ran a great race, and won on a last lap pass on a green-white-checkers finish.

Matt DiBenedetto would start on the pole, and Antionio Perez started on the outside pole position for the race.

Matt Kobyluck started third, followed by Brett Moffitt fourth and Ryan Truex, which rounds out the top five starters.

Both Perez and Moffitt had to start at the back of the field due to unapproved changes.

DiBenedetto would take the green and get away from Kobyluck and Truex, and had a .912 seconds lead after lap one.

Steve Park would get off into the gravel at 'The Esses' and he'd get back on track in 17th.

On Lap two, Brett Moffitt, who had started at the rear of the field, was running in eighth and looked impressive with how he passed his way thorough the field.

On Lap three, DiBenedetto leads, but Truex in second gains half a second on him, and Kobyluck in third is 2.5 seconds back.

On Lap five, DiBenedetto would still lead, but Truex keeps closing in on him.

The first caution came out on Lap six as Tiffany Daniels spins after losing the engine in turn one.

After seven Laps, the top five were: DiBenedetto leading, Truex second, Kobyluck third, Patrick Long fourth, and Perez fifth.

On the Lap 12 restart, DiBenedetto would take the green pull away from Truex, Kobyluck, Long, and Perez.

On Lap 13, DiBenedetto would be leading Truex in second by .593 seconds and Long would pass Kobyluck for third.

The second caution came out on Lap 14 as Perez lost his engine at the Inner Loop and his car stopped.

After 15 laps, the top five were: DiBenedetto leading, Truex second, Long third, Kobyluck fourth, and Alex Kennedy fifth.

On Lap 16, all the leaders pit for a gas-and-go.

Eric Curran would take over the lead by staying out.

On Lap 18, Curran would take the green on the restart, and a lap later he led Eddie MacDonald by 2.5 seconds at the line, but Long is coming in a hurry.

On Lap 20, Curran led, but Long passes MacDonald for second and the third caution comes out for Ryan Duff, who goes off course in 'The Esses' and sits stalled out at the top of the hill.

On Lap 21, Currin pits and Long assumes the lead.

After 22 Laps, the top five were: Long leading, DiBenedetto second, MacDonald third, Truex fourth, and Kobyluck fifth.

On Lap 26, Long would lead by 1.3 seconds on DiBenedetto and Truex would pass MacDonald for third.

On Lap 28, Long leads DiBenedetto by 2.5 seconds, Truex is close to three seconds back, but both Kobyluck and Moffitt passed MacDonald for fourth and fifth respectively. 

On Lap 29, Long still leads by 2.7 seconds, but Truex would pass DiBenedetto for second place.

On Lap 30, the best racing was done by Kobyluck and Moffitt, battling for fourth and fifth positions.

The fourth caution comes out on Lap 32 as Alex Kennedy's blown a tire that left debris on the track.

After 33 Laps, the top five were: Long leading, Truex second, DiBenedetto third, Kobyluck fourth, and Moffitt fifth.

On Lap 36, Long would take the green, Kobyluck would pass DiBenedetto for third, but they barely ran a lap when the fifth caution came out for Jason Patison as he lost transmission and stalled on the back stretch close to 'The Esses'.

On Lap 39, Long would take the green pulling from the field, and Truex had Kobyluck pressing him on his bumper.

On Lap 40, Kobyluck would pass Truex for second just before the sixth caution came out for Matt Kurzejewski.

He would get into the guardrail, coming out of turn five, and the car stalled half on the track and in the grass.

After 42 Laps, the top five were: Long leading, Kobyluck second, Truex third, Moffitt fourth, and DiBenedetto fifth.

On Lap 44, Long leads by 1.3 seconds, and Truex would re-pass Kobyluck coming out of turn 11 for second.

The seventh caution comes out on Lap 45 as Jody Lavender got into the gravel at the 'Inner Loop'.

After 46 Laps, the top five were: Long leading, Truex second, Kobyluck third, Moffitt fourth, and Dibenedetto fifth.

On the Lap 47 restart, Long would pull away from Truex in second and Kobyluck in third.

On Lap 48, Long leads, Truex's in second by 0.4 seconds, and Kobyluck in third by 1.2 seconds.

The eighth caution came out on Lap 50 for oil in 'The Carousel'.

On Lap 51, we'll have a green-white-checkers finish to the race.

The top five were: Long leading, Truex second, Kobyluck third, Moffitt fourth, and DiBenedello fifth.

On Lap 52, Long takes the green and stays in the lead with Truex on his bumper, Kobyluck and Moffitt are both right there as well.

On Lap 53, Long takes the white flag and leads Truex in second by 0.358 seconds.

On Lap 54, it would be Ryan Truex who took the checkers.

He got on the inside of Long between turns 10 and 11 where Long got squeezed off of the track.

Truex ran a really good race today, stayed top five all race, held his position on the last lap, and earned his first career win.

Matt Kobyluck finished second, Brett Moffitt was third, Patrick Long was fourth, and Matt DiBennedetto was fifth.

Positions six through 10 were: Steve Park, Eddie MacDoanald, Alex Kennedy, Brian Wong, and Jonathan Smith.

Source for recap and photo credit: local.racing.nascar.com

Author's note: I decided to pinch hit for MJ with posting an update on the Camping World Series East race, held Saturday morning at Watkins Glenn International and she'll be back for the next race.