Doritos' Latest Commercial Showcases 'Largest Human Doritos Chip' at Super Bowl

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 3, 2014

Doritos is hoping to get one last creative Super Bowl commercial in before the statute of limitations on these types of things expires. 

The same company that gave us a hilarious time machine commercial during the big game was hard at work well before the Seahawks and Broncos kicked off on Sunday. 

The video posted to YouTube proclaims that thanks to some rather "bold" individuals, those in attendance on Sunday got to see "The Largest Human Doritos Chip."

Well, we don't have to take their word for it, because they have the following video showcasing the 30 fans who took the chance to make world history (well, Doritos history at least).

For allowing a crazy barber to do his thing, a hippy to get all touchy and a dirty ol' woman to get a little personal, 30 fans won the chance to watch the Super Bowl live at MetLife Stadium. 

Of course, we feel bad that they actually had to sit for hours in the cold watching that game. We assume coming together to form a huge orange triangle in the cold of winter in a packed stadium seemed like a far better idea before sitting down to actually take in a game that ended 43-8. 

Now it makes sense why many walked on by, missing their opportunity for a big bright jacket and a ticket to the hottest game in town.

The crazy-eyed barber was sure to mess up your coiffure so badly that no amount of time would allow it to grow back. And then there was the coughing "hippy" who offers, "I think my chakras are a little funny today, you know?"

It seems the one character who managed not to scare everyone off was the lady looking to get lucky on the Internet, going so far as to display some risque images of herself to her would-be social media heroes. 

We have to think hippies offering "free hugs" will be far more successful for the next few weeks. 

With Esurance, Newcastle and J.C. Penney winning with creative ad campaigns over the last few days, expect far more of these innovative commercials in the future.

Long gone are the days when a simple 30-second spot during the big game sufficed. Now you need a few wacky characters to sell your product, so we presume Doritos has some interesting people for their next big ad. 


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