Giant Killers: Green Archers Outlast The Invincible Red Warriors (PT 1)

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IJune 7, 2009

When we talk about "Giant Killers", there's always two sides of the coin-- the giants and of course the killers.

Killers may be great nonetheless giants also have their own story that deserves recognition.

Let me tell you mine...

OUR team, OUR school, OUR pride, OUR tragic ending.



The year was 2007, our school the University of the East together with it's "Red Warriors" one of the country's best basketball program that crafted out 18 University Athletic Association of the Philippines  (UAAP-Philippine counterpart of the US' NCAA) championship and numerous Philippine basketball legends that includes the likes of Baby DalupanRobert Jaworski, Allan Caidic, Jerry Cordinera and James Yap had seen it's best moments since the glory days of the late the 80's.

Late 80's?

Yes, It was the best of times. Every year thousands of delightful students and alumni gather around a huge bonfire amidst the campus grounds to cherish almost everything-- from another year of dominance in the CPA board exam, to another top-notch dentist and of course another coveted UAAP championship trophy that is about to be put in our storied gallery.

A torch of winning tradition that has been passed from generations-- journalists, national artists, businessman, athletes, politicians and to some a future president.

Most especially that winning tradition is well-exhibited in our basketball program.

Basketball is UE's way of living, no... better, basketball is UE's way of winning.

All Good Things Come to an End

A great day begins with the sun shining in the EAST but eventually, at the right time-- It'll set in the west.

As soon as the basketball dynasty that stood for decades crumble into pieces, all the other dynasties also started it's deterioration. The CPA dominance was gone, the top-notch dentist follows and so as the huge bonfire.

It has no logical explanations but the turn of events seem to suggest that in order to bring back the winning ways in all our other endeavours. We should first bring back the basketball supremacy which we felt rightfully belong to us.

After all, it is our destiny..

Or is it simply in our minds? Is it really destined for us?

Hence, destiny seems to be zippy and playful at times.