Matt Walsh: Patriots Fans' Worst Enemy Will Speak to Spygate Allegations

Ryan ColleyCorrespondent IApril 23, 2008

As NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell leaves his Hawaiian abode for a meeting with former Patriots video assistant Matt Walsh, New England fans sit and wait for the golf pro to "spill the beans" on our dynasty.

When the first batch, and supposedly only batch, of illegal tapes were confiscated and "destroyed," the issues took a back seat to the upcoming draft prospects and the news stories of Michael Vick and Pacman Jones.

Up until now, I was beginning to think that this had completely blown over. Perhaps the Patriots could resume the offseason with a few new additions and possibly do quite well in the upcoming season.

I soon found that it wasn't going to be so easy.

Walsh was kindly called upon by commissioner Goodell after he had been cleared of all potential lawsuits by the Patriots organization.  The commissioner is looking to unveil extra details regarding Walsh's evidence of the Pats' alleged cheating.

Commissioner Goodell and Walsh plan to meet on May 13th to exchange this information.

Given the information received, the Patriots organization could suffer an even bigger blow.

Walsh has been told to refrain from speaking to any other media sources before this meeting occurs.  He has also refrained from receiving any commercial gain from this incident.

Walsh's history with the Patriots organization spans from 1996 to 2002, when the Patriots let him go.

The ex-video assistant was with the team up until the 2002 Super Bowl—where the Rams locker room allegations surfaced.

The current evidence does not point to a taping ever taking place.

Senator Arlen Specter, the Republican leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is one who has kept this whole debate alive. He has voiced his dislike of the investigative process the NFL has put in place.

The issue that I have with Senator Specter is the fact that this is not his place. He should allow the NFL to handle its business without the constant badgering.

To me, Matt Walsh is the final sledgehammer that the Patriots must dodge.

After the evidence is revealed, whether proved or disproved, the whole Spygate issue will add more fuel to the Patriots' fire. It will allow them to dominate once again next season.