Coming To Your City: 2009 College GameDay Location Predictions

Connor Green@@Connor_GreenCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

June is not an easy month to be a college football fan.

College football news is rare, and you're stuck right in the middle of the offseason.

You'll do anything to help your college football needs, whether it be watching highlights of your favorite team from last year, making your own preseason rankings, or predicting the week-by-week locations for ESPN's morning college football preview show, College GameDay.

Chances are, if you're a college football fan, you're also a fan of College GameDay.

If not, well, it's basically a show where three guys drive a bus around the country (well, they actually fly, but they bring a bus) and preview college football games each Saturday from a location that is typically hosting the day's biggest game. The show is always live and lasts the whole season.

So, without further ado, here are my predictions of where College GameDay will be stopping each week for the 2009 season.


September 5

The first Saturday of the season has a surprisingly solid slate of games. Oklahoma State will get a chance to show how good they really are as they face a Georgia team that will be experiencing life after Stafford and Moreno.

2009 is supposedly the year that Baylor finally breaks through and gets to a bowl; can the Bears make a statement and upset Wake Forest on the road?

How will Missouri fare without Daniel, Maclin, and Coffman? Find out as the Tigers battle an Illinois squad that had a disappointing 2008 season.

Oklahoma will get a decent early season test against the Cougars of Brigham Young, and a Cal team with potential to win the Pac-10 will get Maryland at home in what could be an interesting game.

But the biggest game of the day will be in the Georgia Dome as two top 10 teams collide with conference pride—and much more—on the line. Alabama vs. Virginia Tech in Hotlanta. It doesn't get any better. The GameDay crew heads to Atlanta for the third time in 372 days.

Location Prediction: Atlanta, GA (Alabama vs. Virginia Tech)


September 12

After a great week 1, week 2 doesn't look so great.

The only game that will draw any national attention is USC vs. Ohio State, Part 2.

Heck, even if there were any other good games on today, I don't think the crew would miss out on Columbus. This has potential to be game of the year.

Location Prediction: Columbus, OH (Southern Cal at Ohio State)


September 19

Week 3 should be exciting.

Games like Texas Tech-Texas, Florida-Tennessee, Florida State-BYU, Oregon-Utah, Nebraska-Virginia Tech, North Carolina-East Carolina and Oregon State-Cincinnati grace the schedule.

The two games that will likely get the most attention are Texas Tech at Texas and Tennessee at Florida.

However, since Florida-Tennessee is scheduled to be on CBS while Texas Tech-Texas is scheduled to be on prime time ABC, I'm thinking that ESPN is going to give itself a little self-promotion and hit up Austin, especially since both teams are more than likely both going to be undefeated at this point.

Location Prediction: Austin, TX (Texas Tech at Texas)


September 26

Once again, we will experience one great week only to have a lackluster schedule the next week.

Cal-Oregon and Penn State-Iowa are the only games that should be worth watching.

I'm giving the nod to Cal-Oregon because the winner of this game will have the biggest chance to one-up USC for the Pac-10 title. Plus, two great rushing attacks will be on display.

Location Prediction: Eugene, OR (California at Oregon)


October 3

LSU-Georgia will turn a lot of heads. It should be a closely contested game between two solid teams.

But I have to go with the west coast again this time. Come on, USC at Cal, with the winner likely in the driver's seat in the Pac-10? How could GameDay not cover this game?

Back-to-back west coast appearances will be a first for GameDay, but it will be well worth it.

Location Prediction: Berkely, CA (Southern Cal at California)


October 10

This day belongs to the SEC, as two pivotal matchups will occur, as LSU takes on Florida and Ole Miss battles Alabama.

Do you know what's strange? The defending national champs have yet to be featured on GameDay so far this year. That will change this week.

The game is in prime time in Baton Rouge, which furthermore makes this somewhat of a no-brainer, as Ole Miss-Alabama is on the front end of a CBS double header.

Location Prediction: Baton Rouge, LA (Florida at LSU)


October 17

New Hampshire at Massachusetts and Villanova at James Madison will be the day's best games.

Nah, just kidding. See you in Dallas.

Location Prediction: Dallas, TX (Texas vs. Oklahoma)


October 24

There are a couple of decent games today, but nothing to write home about.

Boston College-Notre Dame may be a good game, along with Oregon State at USC.

However, I doubt GameDay would go to Notre Dame, and I also doubt that they would go to the west coast three times in a single season.

College GameDay always goes to one non-BCS game each season. So why not go to TCU at BYU? There aren't any great BCS conference games on, and this game would help decide a conference championship.

I'm predicting that the bus will be seen there, because I really don't think there's anywhere else worth going today.

Location Prediction: Provo, UT (Texas Christian at Brigham Young)


October 31

GameDay has four games from four conferences to choose from today.

They could go to Eugene again for the Oregon-USC matchup, but like I said, it's unlikely that GameDay would go to the west coast three times in one season, and it's even less likely that they would go to the same location twice. It's possible, but highly unlikely.

There's always Jacksonville and Florida vs. Georgia, but it all depends on whether or not Georgia is ranked high enough.

Penn State at Northwestern? If the Wildcats are as good as they were last year, this could draw consideration since it may have Big Ten title implications.

My prediction for this week is Texas at Oklahoma State. This could be OSU's best team ever, and it could be a trap game for Texas. This has all the makings of a classic, and this looks eerily similar to the Horns' game at Texas Tech last year...

Location Prediction: Stillwater, OK (Texas at Oklahoma State)


November 7

It's going to be hard to choose between Ohio State-Penn State and Oklahoma-Nebraska.

However, GameDay has yet to show the Big Ten much love this year except for the Ohio State-USC game, and the Big 12 has had 3 games featured so far.

Happy Valley welcomes the bus back with open arms.

Location Prediction: University Park, PA (Ohio State at Penn State)


November 14

Another slow day.

If Baylor is in good position to make a bowl at this point of the season, then I could see GameDay in Waco for the first time ever as the Bears take on Texas.

Another Big 12 game of importance is Nebraska at Kansas in a game that could decide the Big 12 North.

Florida at South Carolina is another possibility.

Of these three, I think I'll go with Nebraska-Kansas. The Big 12 has gotten a significant amount of coverage this year, but hey, what can you do?

Location Prediction: Lawrence, KS (Nebraska at Kansas)


November 21

The only game on the schedule that should attract any attention is LSU at Ole Miss.

It is a game that may decide the SEC West, and could very well be a top 10 matchup. Not much I can say here...

Location Prediction: Oxford, MS (LSU at Ole Miss)


November 28

Georgia-Georgia Tech, Florida-Florida State, and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State should be the three games that will be considered most.

I think that Florida-Florida State will get the nod for one major reason: It is Tim Tebow's last home game as a college football player.

That storyline alone may be enough to bring GameDay to Gainesville. Couple that with the fact that this is supposedly FSU's best team in five years, and you have a nationally attractive game.

While the fact that CBS is broadcasting the game may be a turnoff for the crew, I'm sticking with my prediction.

Location Prediction: Gainesville, FL (Florida State at Florida)


These are just my predictions. ESPN will probably do something entirely different and make me look like a fool, but whatever. Thanks for reading.


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