Formula One: Team Mate Comparisons After Turkey (Round Seven)

Mike CassCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JUNE 07:  Second placed Mark Webber (L) of Australia and Red Bull Racing and third placed Sebastian Vettel (R) of Germany and Red Bull Racing celebrate on the podium after the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix at Istanbul Park on June 7, 2009, in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Continuing my regular article where I compare Formula One team mates against each other.

I will compare qualifying performance and judge them after the weight of the cars has been announced.

How qualifying results are displayed:

Position Qualified/Driver Name/Qualifying Time/Weight


I will then give my opinion of who had the better race, which is not necessarily the driver with the best result.


How race results are displayed:

Position Finished/Driver Name/Total Race Time/Fastest Lap


Drivers will be awarded one point for qualifying and one point for the race, come the end of the season we will see who did the better job.


Feel free to challenge my opinion.


Brawn GP


Qualifying: Button +1


Button beat Barrichello despite being a few kilos heavier, and again claims the point.


P2 Button 1:28.421 655.5kg

P3 Barrichello 1:28.579 652.5kg


Race: Button +1


Barrichello had an awful start, going from third to thirteenth! He then had an epic battle with Kovalainen, but made a desperate attempt to overtake and spun.


That put him behind Hamilton, but he soon got by quite easily. However he then ran into Sutil in the final turn damaging his front wing, as if that wasn't bad enough he told the team over the radio he had lost seventh gear!


Barrichello capped off an eventful afternoon with Brawn GPs first retirement, due to a gearbox issue.


Button meanwhile had a good start and capitalised on Vettel's first lap mistake to take the lead, he then banged in fastest lap after fastest lap and did well to hold of Vettel's charge after the first stops.


It was then a case of cruise and collect for his sixth win of the season and yet another race point.


P1 Button 1:26:24.848 Fastest Lap: 1:27.579

P19 Barrichello + 11 laps -Retired:Gearbox- Fastest Lap: 1:28.526


Season: Jenson Button 13 – 1 Rubens Barrichello




Qualifying: Kovalainen +1


For the second race in a row Kovalainen out qualified his team mate, but this time it wasn't due to a mistake from Hamilton.


Hamilton was just pushing too hard and looked very ragged, Kovalainen takes the point.


P14 Kovalainen 1:28.207 665kg

P16 Hamilton 1:28.318 696.5kg


Race: Hamilton +1


Kovalainen did a good job early on to hold off Barrichello, but never really showed any pace, just look at his fastest lap time compared with Hamilton!


Because of his poor pace he never made his strategy work and ended up finishing where he started in fourteenth.


Hamilton was cautious into turn one, but made up a handful of places in turn two before slipping back down the order.


He did make a good move on Raikkonen and showed his skills when battling with Piquet, despite his heavy fuel load he showed fantastic car control. Also lets not forget he spent a long time on the soft tyre and had a heavy car for most of the race.


P13 Hamilton 1:27:45.302 Fastest Lap: 1:28.562

P14 Kovalainen + 1 laps Fastest Lap: 1:29.174


Season: Lewis Hamilton 10 – 4 Hekki Kovalainen



Qualifying: Raikkonen +1


This may be Massa's circuit, but Raikkonen pulled one out of the bag and qualified in front of his team mate with a heavier fuel load.


P6 Raikkonen 1:28.815 658kg

P7 Massa 1:28.858 654kg


Race: Massa +1


Raikkonen damaged his front wing whilst trying a move on Alonso early on and got passed by Hamilton, other than that I'm not really sure how he ended up ninth when he started sixth.


Massa had a very quiet afternoon, but did finish one place ahead of where he started so takes the point.


P6 Massa 1:27:04.844 Fastest Lap: 1:28.176

P9 Raikkonen 1:27:15.048 Fastest Lap: 1:28.061


Season: Felipe Massa 7 – 7 Kimi Raikkonen


Red Bull


Qualifying: Vettel +1


I really want to give Webber the point, had he not had 6.5kg more fuel on board compared with Vettel I think he would have got pole.


Vettel actually got pole position and ok he is light compared to the Brawns and his team mate, but he did enough to earn the point.


P1 Vettel 1:28.316 649.5kg

P4 Webber 1:28.613 656kg


Race: Webber +1


Vettel had a good start, but then made a very costly mistake in turn nine which lost him the lead. He looked like he might get it back on track with his light fuel second stint, but couldn't find a way round Button.


Not getting past Button and not having the pace when it mattered not only cost him the lead, but second place.


Webber meanwhile had a very quite afternoon, got jumped by Trulli at the start but quickly recovered the place. He then put the quick laps in when he need to and made his strategy work unlike Vettel.


P2 Webber 1:26:31.562 Fastest Lap: 1:27.809

P3 Vettel 1:26:32.309 Fastest Lap: 1:27.622


Season: Sebastian Vettel 8 – 6 Mark Webber



Qualifying: Trulli +1


Glock didn't make Q3, but Toyota's position is a vast improvement from Monaco.


Trulli though put in a fantastic lap in Q2 and did a good job in Q3, so has to claim the point.


P5 Trulli 1:28.666 652kg

P13 Glock 1:27.795 689kg


Race: Glock +1


Trulli got up to third at the start, but soon lost the place back to Webber. Trulli then missed his marks at the first pit stop which cost him some time and he finished a distant fourth.


Glock got forced wide at turn one and then had a pretty quiet afternoon, but considering he qualified thirteenth and finished eighth I think he did a fantastic job. He wasn't far off seventh and he earns the race point in my view.


P4 Trulli 1:26:52.691 Fastest Lap: 1:27.868

P8 Glock 1:27:11.807 Fastest Lap: 1:27.883


Season: Jarno Trulli 9 – 5 Timo Glock




Qualifying: Alonso +1


No doubt about it Piquet is lacking confidence, he might try to blame the brakes, but for me it was driver error (Alonso saved his Renault from the gravel at the same corner).


Alonso didn't look that good during practice, but once again he somehow managed to sneak his Renault into Q1.


P8 Alonso 1:29.075 644.5kg

P17 Piquet 1:28.582 689.6kg


Race: Piquet +1


Neither Renault driver put in much of a performance, but Piquet did show some skill to get in front of Hamilton (I know Hamilton was heavy with fuel).


I don't know if Alonso had car damage after Raikkonen hit him, but look at the fastest lap times, junior was quicker for once (marginally I know) and can have the point.


P10 Alonso 1:27:27.248 Fastest Lap: 1:28.389

P16 Piquet + 1 laps Fastest Lap: 1:28.340


Season: Fernando Alonso 12 – 2 Nelson Piquet Jr.



Qualifying: Rosberg +1


Nakajima was once again looking a match for Rosberg, but when it mattered he failed to deliver and couldn't make it out of Q2.


Rosberg qualified in P9, but surely Williams should have gone lighter?


I guess we will see how it works out during the race, but for now Rosberg claims another point over his team mate.


P9 Rosberg 1:29.191 660kg

P12 Nakajima 1:27.629 680.4kg


Race: Rosberg +1


Nakajima was looking pretty good once again (checkout the fastest lap times), but a problem getting the front left on during his pit stop cost him.


Rosberg did make his strategy work and claimed some good world championship points finishing in fifth place, considering where Rosberg started, the race point can only go one way.


P5 Rosberg 1:26:56.387 Fastest Lap: 1:28.214

P12 Nakajima 1:27:31.224 Fastest Lap: 1:27.988


Season: Nico Rosberg 14 – 0 Kazuki Nakajima




Qualifying: Kubica +1


Kubica made Q3, while Heidfeld just missed out.


P10 Kubica 1:29.357 664kg

P11 Heidfeld 1:27.521 681.5kg


Race: Kubica +1


I don't remember seeing either BMW during the race, but Heidfeld finished where he started, whilst Kubica scored his first world championship points of the campaign.


P7 Kubica 1:27:11.095 Fastest Lap: 1:28.008

P11 Heidfeld 1:27:29.175 Fastest Lap: 1:28.214


Season: Robert Kubica 9 – 5 Nick Heidfeld

Force India


Qualifying: Sutil +1


Sutil made it into Q2 for the second race in a row, whilst Fisichella is starting on the back row.


P15 Sutil 1:28.391 668.5kg

P19 Fisichella 1:28.717 688.5kg


Race: Sutil +1


Fisichella made it round turn one for the first time in three years, but soon retired due to a brake issue.


Sutil lost places during the race, but he saw the chequered flag and had a good battle with Barrichello.


P17 Sutil + 1 laps Fastest Lap: 1:29.192

P20 Fisichella + 54 laps -Retired:Brake/Hydraulics- Fastest Lap: 1:34.070


Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 6 – 8 Adrian Sutil


Toro Rosso


Qualifying: Buemi +1


Bourdais qualified last, but it isn't much better for Buemi, however it's enough for the point.


P18 Buemi 1:28.708 686.5kg

P20 Bourdais 1:28.918 701kg


Race: Buemi +1


Bourdais qualified last and finished last, Buemi did make an appearance when he overtook Hamilton but other than that a quiet afternoon at the back.


P15 Buemi + 1 laps Fastest Lap: 1:28.624

P18 Bourdais + 1 laps Fastest Lap: 1:29.022


Season: Sebastian Buemi 10 – 4 Sebastian Bourdais



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