WWE's No. 1 Show? SmackDown!

BenContributor IJune 7, 2009

Since the draft, the WWE has had a huge change. The main change being Raw is no longer the No. 1 show.

Many will say it is, because that is the show always associated with producing the best WWE product. I no longer and many others no longer think that is the case. Smackdown is now different, has more wrestling, better quality matches and new stars.

Smackdown is currently producing good matches from the start of the show to the finish. They are keeping storylines basic and it seems to be working. The wrestling is awesome, John Morrison has had quality matches since moving there, Jericho always does, Mysterio is so much better on Smackdown.

I heard when the draft happened that the top guys like Edge and Jericho said to the writers they wanted to help put over new stars. Jericho understands the business as well as anyone and can make any young star look brilliant.

Anyone who touches with Jericho can turn to gold, we could see that with guys like R-Truth, Ziggler and Morrison.

I think the Morrison-Benjamin feud has run its cause, theyv'e had great matches and Morrisons looking great because of it. Benjamin needs to feud with someone so he can get a big push.

I would like to see Mysterio come out of Extreme Rules retaining his belt, then have young guys chasing him. If guys like Benjamin, Morrison and Ziggler can compete for the intercontinental belt with Mysterio they could put on some awesome matches. Morrison and Mysterio, despite both being faces could have some good fights.

I would also love to see an Edge-Jericho feud in the future, this could be brilliant having them both go for the title. There are so many possibilities for different feuds and title runs on Smackdown that it makes it pretty exciting.

Also in the build up to recent PPVs Smackdown are the matches that make you want to tune in. The build up to each PPV has been brilliantly put together. I now can't wait to see the ladder match between Hardy and Edge.

The Jericho-Mysterio match will also be good as they always put on a quality wrestling show. I also think the Samoan strap match could be a good fight, as it makes you want to see how Punk could beat Umaga.

I look forward each week to watching Smackdown, the way I used to for Raw. It is the number one wrestling show at the moment. The young stars have gone all out to put on good matches to prove that they can rise to main-event level.

With Jericho and Edge helping them along it can only get better. Also what can we expect when The Undertaker returns? I'm sure he will also love to help push the young guys, as anyone who can hold there own against him will look like a world champion.