World Football: Sick and Tired of Getting It Wrong

Yoni JanisContributor IJune 7, 2009

It is time to start taking the game away from the officials.

It is unfair on the officials to take the blame because they call the game has they see it.

All we want is to know that the score is right.

When I tell most soccer fans that I want Instant Replay in the game they laugh at me, some say, "You can't because it would destroy the flow of the game," or "It is because you you like American Football," or simply that "It could not work." Anyways, I tell them that they are wrong and lack imagination.

I have heard recently (don't know if this is accurate) that the new Europa Cup (UEFA Cup) will have two officials behind the goals to see if the ball will past the line, and I claim that is a waste. Also, I hear people saying we should have a flag system like in American Football, which is a complete waste of time and not the right system for soccer.

Ladies and gentleman, the solution is easier then we think. All that is needed is to give the fourth official a TV and instead of being busy with managers being a inch closer to their bench. He could have an important effect on the game, and before players finish arguing with the officials, the fourth official can alert the ref if he is right or not. And also before we know it, the game will be even faster then it is today, because players will realise that the fourth official has seen what really happened.

And for all of those who think that it is unfair for smaller teams where there is no TV crew, then they will have to live with a ref, and they are not alone. For instance, in Tennis in the early rounds of Grand Slams on the outside courts, there is no replay system and they live with the ref's decisions, and that is even in the same tournament.

In conclusion, we know we cannot get it right everywhere, but let's get it right where we can, because at the end of the day we are sick and tired of getting it wrong.