Bleacher Report Battle Royal III: WWE Champions

robCorrespondent IJune 6, 2009

Hello all. Back by popular demand, (actually, one person asked) is the Bleacher Report Battle Royal. We have done this twice before and everyone seems to enjoy it and participate, so why not give it another go.

The first two winners of our cyber Battle Royals have been Rob Van Dam and John Morrison, respectively. This edition will be a battle of former (and one current) WWE champions.

There will be 30 participants, and as usual each B/R member will have two eliminations. If there are only two guys left, please eliminate the last superstar to leave us with one remaining winner.

You may make both of your eliminations at once, or eliminate one and come back later for the other, whichever you choose is fine. I will try to keep the list as current as possible. Thanks for participating and here we go...


1. Hulk Hogan---Eliminated

2. The Rock---Eliminated

3. Ric Flair---Eliminated

4. "Macho Man" Randy Savage---Eliminated

5. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin---Eliminated

6. Yokozuna---Eliminated

7. The Undertaker---Eliminated

8. Kane---Eliminated

9. Shawn Michaels---Eliminated

10. Triple H---Eliminated

11. Sid---Eliminated

12. Diesel---Eliminated

13. Iron Sheik---Eliminated

14. Ultimate Warrior---Eliminated

15. Bob Backlund---Eliminated

16. Mankind---Eliminated

17. Andre the Giant---Eliminated

18. Ted DiBiase---Eliminated

19. Chris Jericho---Eliminated

20. Rob Van Dam---Eliminated

21. Jeff Hardy---Eliminated

22. JBL---Eliminated

23. The Big Show---Eliminated

24. Bret "Hitman" Hart---Eliminated

25. Kurt Angle---Eliminated

26. Brock Lesnar---Eliminated

27. Eddie Guerrero---WINNER!!

28. Edge---Eliminated

29. John Cena---Eliminated

30. Randy Orton---Eliminated