Analyzing WWE's Feuds, Week Four: It's Time To Get Extreme!

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJune 6, 2009

Welcome to Week Four of "Analyzing WWE's Feuds." As always, I will be analyzing the current feuds of the WWE and whether I think the WWE should "End it" or "Pursue it" based on what I see in the rivalry.

This could include the reasoning behind the rivalry, the quality of matches, or the direction of the characters. I hope you enjoy the second installment.



Batista and Randy Orton

I'm tired of the Handicap matches. I'm tired of seeing Batista squash Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, and I'm tired of Randy Orton putting down Ric Flair. I'm just tired of this feud period.

The Batista and Randy Orton feud is so boring and, despite WWE's attempts to make me interested, I'm still very bored with Batista as the challenger.

They have given this storyline nothing except that Batista is mad because Orton injured him and beat up Flair. Sorry, that is not enough to keep me interested, WWE.

Ruling: "End It"


John Cena and The Big Show

This feud has been dragging on for what seems like forever. I've said a lot about what makes this rivalry not work so I'm not going to go into full detail again.

I will say that this feud has little going for it because Big Show got the loss at Judgment Day so John Cena no longer looks like the "underdog," which makes this feud pretty pointless.

Ruling: "End It"


Vickie Guerrero and Santino

They threw cow manure on each other and crowd member on Monday Night Raw! Think about it.

Ruling: "End It"


Christian, Tommy Dreamer, and Jack Swagger

The match this Sunday that these men will have could be Tommy Dreamer's last match with the WWE if he loses. These guys have made ECW very interesting over the past few weeks.

All three are very talented in the ring and bring something different to the table. I don't expect this to continue after Extreme Rules, but I would prefer it did over a Christian and Mark Henry feud.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Evan Bourne and Mark Henry

I don't really have a problem with this feud. I would rather see Bourne feuding with someone else, although seeing Bourne play the underdog against Henry is interesting. I would like to see a little more put into it so it can develop.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Jeff Hardy and Edge

This feud has been my favorite of the past few months. They have a good back-and-forth on the microphone and are doing a great job of setting up the match at the Pay Per View.

I do hope the champion will go on to face another competitor after the Ladder Match at Extreme Rules. This has been one of the better feuds of 2009—mainly because of all the history that is between Hardy and Edge—but I do think it is time for it to come to an end or have someone else join in. Enter Chris Jericho.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio

This feud started out not being very good, but after the story developed and they had a couple of matches it has grown on me. Even though I don't think Jericho needs a ninth Intercontinental Championship reign, the storyline here was what I was hoping for from the Kane and Rey Mysterio angle last year.

I actually hope this feud continues because I think it has more to offer. The mask issue and the sneak attacks have been very well done by Jericho.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Umaga and CM Punk

I was holding out a little hope for this one, but after they gave the match away on Smackodwn I knew it was over. I'm just not interested in why Umaga kept attacking CM Punk.

To sum it up they have given me no reason to care why Umaga is attacking Punk, thus I have no interest.

Ruling: "End It"


Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison

This has a very simple concept: Morrison has been on a role and seems to have Benjamin's number. These two have been having very entertaining matches on Smackdown and the storyline seems to be developing slowly.

I just hope the WWE does something with it instead of just jobbing Shelton out to John Morrison.

Ruling: "Pursue It"