The Fear of Being an Arizona Cardinals Fan

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The Fear of Being an Arizona Cardinals Fan
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As the Arizona Cardinals start warming up for the next season, I can't help but think of the many seasons in times past.  I realize we made it to the Super Bowl and I am still in shock at that feat.  But history repeats itself as we've been shown.

I have seen too many pre-seasons where the Cardinals have come out strong.  The fans start to get excited, but once the regular season gets underway, we fall back into the times of old.  We lose more games than we win.

With the Super Bowl appearance on the heals of memory, deep down inside this football fan, I want to believe we will have another successful year.  But the fear of being a Cardinal fan is we are doomed to be a losing team. Even when the head coach exclaims there is a winner in town, we still lose.

Coach Whisenhunt has done an incredible job at turning this franchise around.  Bill Bidwell seems to have stepped aside, allowing his son Michael to take an active role.  This is a positive step.

However, Kurt Warner isn't a young quarterback and he takes a licking each and every game.  What would happen if he was injured and done for the season?  Would the Cardinals respond to the leadership of Matt Leinert the same way they have responded to Warner?

Arizona is a different sports town.  Everyone here is from some place else.  Everyone has their home team, and it isn't the Suns, Diamondbacks, or the Cardinals.  We do not have the history of the Yankees or Cowboys so we do not have the fan base other professional sports towns do.  We are fair weather fans at best.  When the team is winning, we support them.  When they are losing, we support our hometown team.

There is a fear of being an Arizona Cardinal Fan.  If we jump on the bandwagon too early, will we be let down another year?  Only time will tell.

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