The Showdown: "The King Of Controversy" Joe Burgett Faces an Intervention!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIJune 6, 2009

Rival n. One who strives to compete with another; one who equals or almost equals another.

In life, there is always a task that one must overcome to take the next step to success. Whether it takes a second, a minute, weeks, or even years, this challenge will always be there to push you.

As a young sports fan, I loved to gather with fellow fans and chat about the current events in certain sports that I loved to watch or play.

One day I stumbled upon I found it by mistake. It was a boring day and I decided to look up more usual MMA info to see what the latest match-ups were.

So I went to Google and typed "UFC" into the search link, as the other MMA sites were running slow that day.

Every day I continued this routine, and soon I began to notice something: Dorothy Willis, I started to see this name so often that one day I decided to see who this Dorothy was. I clicked on the link to read her latest article (forgot which one, but it was great).

I ended up enjoying it so much I decided to browse the rest of B/R.

From that point forward, I knew I had found something special. A novice writer such as myself be able to sharpen my skills with other great writers. I had the opportunity to write about sports that I love to watch.

Novice n. A person who is new and unfamiliar with an activity or business.

As time went by, I came across some great writers AkD, Shane Howard, JLB, Dorothy Willis, and latest newcomer Sulayman. (There are tons more and sorry that I did not list your names, but I am pretty sure you know who you are.)

At this time I started to find interest in Joe Burgett, who was the number 1 ranked writer in the wrestling section at the time. Joe Burgett was a name I was seeing mostly everywhere I went on the wrestling section and I mean everywhere.

I did not really care, or want to know, about on the controversy swirling around Joe, as long as Mr. Burgett stayed true to that No. 1 rank badge and write No. 1 rank work.

But as time went by, I came to see why Joe was the person to love to hate here in the B/R wrestling section.

But instead of jumping on the train of hating Joe, I sat back and anticipated what Joe would do next.

Then, we were introduced to "B/R Turns into a Soap Opera." Joe was looking to put on his humor hat, but his jokes and comedic act of an article failed in all areas. Joe was looking for good fun (or was he?), and decided to mock or basically criticize fellow B/R wrestling writers.

The article backfired and Joe was set for Backlash. Joe decided to write an apology article which still had people thinking "WHAT?", including myself.

I will not go into detail, but I decided to leave a comment on Joe's "APOLOGY" article. I accused Joe of writing the article just to finally claim one goal he has not reached yet: an Article of the Day.

Joe denied the allegations and from that point, I wanted to expose Joe, and show that it was an error for him being No. 1.

As there are more talented writers here on the B/R wrestling section, to have someone like him at No. 1 would damage the way the other writers on the B/R wrestling section are viewed.

So I decided to invite Joe to The Showdown, not to make him look bad or anything like that, but basically to see what we can expect to see from him in the future and if we will see a true writer rather than an attention-getter.

As this is the wrestling section, I did ask Joe questions on wrestling topics, as well.


Tyler: Hey Joe, I would like to thank you for taking your time out of your day and sitting down with me on THE SHOWDOWN!

Joe- Thanks for having me on dude, especially since it is the first ShowDown ever on B/R featuring an B/R writer. Just a warning to the B/R faithful, I am going to be completely honest. No pandering or trying to save face here. So if you're looking for something like that you can leave now. I say lets get started TW, what say you?

Tyler- Sounds good to me and I think this will be very interesting!

Tyler-It seems you are an passionate wrestling fan, how did it all begin?
Joe-You know it is kind of funny. My father and I used to watch wrestling behind my mom's back.
Like if she was gone we would watch it. She didn't like the cursing, especially because I was young and stuff. Apparently she thought I would never hear it. Also, it was a bit scandalous as it was the 90s.
So, we tried to watch WWE and WCW as much as possible. But, that was my dad for ya. Then all of the sudden, my father died in a car wreck. It was very hard for me as a kid because I was 11 years old when he passed away.
I felt I had to be the man of the house for my mom and that was hard. It was like I had to grow up and forget childhood. I knew I was not my dad, and my mom knew I was not yet able to be the man of the house. But, I tried as hard as I could.
I started watching wrestling as a tribute to my father in a way, see, I knew he liked it. I liked it too. So, instead of watching it off and on I watched it regularly. And that was when I started to become a hardcore fan. People know way more than me before 2000, but after that I am pretty good about remembering things.
I am 19, so I was not able to remember back as far as some of the others can. Of course I went out and rented old videos or looked on Youtube for the big events like the Montreal Screw Job, the Finger Poke of Doom, and other things I was not able to see when they first happened.
My cousins and others were fans, so they told me many things too. Because they watched and are older than me, they know a lot.
This could be why I am into the new age wrestling that many are not into. It is basically the generation I grew to know.

Tyler- I am sorry that you lost your Dad. Do you hold wrestling closer now, knowing that is something you both loved to watch and enjoy with one another?

Joe- Do I hold it closer now? Well sort of.

See my dad and I would love to watch WCW stuff together because they would have shows during the mid-day sometimes where I lived. Like on Saturdays. We would watch it when my mom was gone. Like I said before, we couldn't watch it really when my mom was around.
We tried a few times, and she got angry and told us to change the channel. We didn't have cable, so we could not see Nitro or RAW, however we did get to see SmackDown and a few WCW shows when they came on the regular few channels.

I didn't get to see RAW until after my father died because we moved from the house I lived in and we had extra money to finally get cable.
There was to things that my father and I liked to watch together and that was Alabama Football and wrestling, so as I said before, being a fan of those things are not only something I have a passion for but is also a tribute to my father.
We had a lot of things we did together, and for him to die when I was so young was hard for me because I had a lot of growing up to do still. I mean I was was only 11 you know. Still just a kid.

My mother remarried very soon after my father died, in about a year. And my step-father is not the biggest sports fan around, so loving sports was at this point a tribute to my father and also something to buck the system in the household. Yes, it started back then. lol
So, although I am the only sports fan in the house, I have a lot of other family members who love sports along with me. So at least I am not alone there.
So what started as a thing my father and I just watched from time to time, was now a passion in a way. It has become even more of a passion since joining B/R.

I have loved sports all my life, but as mentioned before I wanted to be like my father in a way. And as all of my family members say, I am a mirror image, so that is nice to know.

Tyler- That's good that you have others to talk sports with. Once again, I am sorry about your Dad.

As the  older wrestlers time have already come who do you see stepping up to fill those voids of aging main eventers? 
Joe- Oh you have a lot of people.
I mean there is CM Punk, Evan Bourne, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Ted DiBiase Jr., and others. Some are young and will still be in the main event picture like Edge and Randy Orton.

Tyler- I like your picks especially the Bourne, MVP, and Benjamin picks. I dont know how much longer Edge can last as an main eventer, though, as he has been seen at the top spot for awhile now and his gimmick is getting kind of stale. In my opinion.

Tyler- But Do you see Pro Wrestling on a decline? If so what could be done to
help bring it back to popular form?
Joe- I don't see it as much on a decline as I do on the wrong pace. I think they could be doing so much more, but they decide not to.

First off, they only get extreme one night a year, which is cool and all. But before we saw so many more hardcore type matches. Why are we not seeing that anymore?
I feel they can give us more exciting matches, but they put the top guys in there as a marketing thing. They have proven ratings in Cena, Triple H, and Orton. So they put them in the main event.

While it is cool to see them on the show, I feel you could easily put MVP or someone in the main event more often.
They have put him in there in the past, but nothing like they should have. MVP is the only two-time US Champ in WWE history and is the longest reigning one too. So, he has done as much as he can with that belt. Start getting him in the World title hunt.
I feel we are starting to see more from SmackDown than RAW regarding using new people in the main event. While we are seeing Edge and Jeff Hardy, we are also seeing John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin up there and even CM Punk.
One person I am happy to see and told people would be big is Dolph Ziggler. People thought I was crazy when I said he was the next big star in the WWE.

I stand by that, and he could be soon. He is already, to me anyway, the third-best heel on the show. Only behind guys like Edge and Jericho, which any would be behind other than Orton in the WWE today.
I feel the more new people we see in main events, the more WWE will start to get out of this funk. For the longest time, we kept hearing that the same old people are in the main event.

Now, the WWE is answering the call and putting others in there. It is just going to slowly as they are only doing it on one show really. RAW is where they should be doing it as that is the supposed flagship brand.

Tyler- I totally agree with you, I think people are tired of seeing the same guys at top of the WWE rankings. But it seems WWE is stepping up their game and pushing new guys towards that direction. Hopefully they continue to do so.

Tyler- With that said If you were CEO, of TNA and or WWE what would you do to change the companies?
Joe- Well I mentioned using new stars in the WWE in the other question. And TNA is the same thing in a way.

You have the Main Event Mafia ruling TNA, and this is not just a storyline. It is true. Because they keep on jamming them down our throat. I am getting tired of it personally.
We keep seeing them in the title hunt along with Foley and Jarrett. Do we have to see them there and not a guy like Chris Daniels, AJ Styles, or Samoa Joe?

All three are considered some of the best wrestlers in the world, but you put them in the shadow of the old Mafia whose wrestling skills have declined big time from their WWE/WCW days.
It is a shame to see them jammed down our throat. I was a fan of all of these men, but seeing TNA hurts my view of them. Now they bring in Shane Douglas and Raven, two more older stars whose wrestling skills have declined.
Elijah Burke and Gavin Spears, two former WWE stars are rumored to be working there and they can give them a future. But, if I see Raven and Douglas jammed down my throat, I will have to hurt someone.
Lashley can help, but they don't know how to come to terms with him on a contract. He would be a nice pick-up though.
I feel if you use the young stars more, TNA will start to build and will do well against the WWE. Same with WWE, they have the stars and the fame. Why not use them?

Tyler: I believe TNA just wants to recreate stuff that worked in the past and recycle it, thinking well this worked back than so it will work now.

I just see the MEM as a wannabe nWo. Just because their reasons of forming the faction are different ( Respect over Total control) doesn't mean they are not similar. I think TNA needs to get that in their head's before they can officially compete with WWE.
Tyler: Now if you look at TNA and WWE rosters who do you think belongs and who does not.
Joe- That is a tough one, because there are many people who belong on the roster. I will say who I think shouldn't be there. First from WWE: Maria, Finlay, Tommy Dreamer, Ricky Ortiz, and Zack Ryder.
From TNA: Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, and Mick Foley. All but Steiner can still talk on the mic, keep them out of the ring and you'll be fine. If they talk, that is cool, because Nash and Foley are two of the best on the mic in the history of pro-wrestling.

Tyler: Yeah, I agree with the Steiner and Nash picks, they just need to hang it up; their bodies have been through too much and it shows. But you have no love for Dreamer, Finley nor Maria (laughs).
Tyler- I seen in one of your latest articles that in your eyes The New Hart Foundation are the saviors of the lacking tag division. Why?

Because I would have to disagree as Miz and Morrison were great and other teams are great but still no love for the tag division. It's not the teams: it's WWE's
decision to build the division up or not.

Joe: Well, they are now officially called the Hart Dynasty, shout out to Adam Testa and ECW for that one.

I think Miz and Morrison are great, but Hart Dynasty has technical wrestling skill that Miz and Morrison do not. Sure Morrison is wonderful in the ring and is relatable to Shawn Michaels.
But Tyson Kidd is relatable to Bret Hart and DH Smith is relatable to his father the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. Two of the best wrestlers of all time. Also they spent time in the Hart Dungeon, where few were able to go.
I think they will take us back to the traditional tag wrestling, something WWE has needed. Also, they are not like Miz and Morrison.

They both could do well in singles wrestling, but they excel in tag wrestling. So, the WWE will keep them in the tag division.
Priceless is another good team, but they are more so two singles stars working together. While the HD actually look like a tag team.

Also they are with Legacy, which would eventually break up. They were even tag champs, but, they lost the titles. Which the WWE never gave back to them.
So that would mean they would rather push the faction and not them as a tag team. The Colons are good, but this is more so a team to push Carlito and keep him out of trouble, according to many within the WWE. He has been a disruption in the past because he has not been pushed right.
So, they gave him the tag titles with his brother to keep him in a push while not pushing him to singles action completely. I feel they will lose those titles to the Hart Dynasty.
Cryme Tyme is not liked by the WWE that much, they will use them as a tag team but probably never give them the tag titles. The World's Greatest Tag Team is great to see again, but again it is just for singles pushes for Haas and Benjamin if you ask me.

They will get them the tag fame, and while they are up there up there in popularity, they will be split up again.
So that leave the Hart Dynasty to both save and keep the tag division something to see in the WWE. While it is nothing like TNA has, it at least has one team they can rely on. Unlike Miz and Morrison, who we all knew were going to singles.

Tyler: Okay I understand a little better now. But I still dont see them as the saviors as WWE holds the power to make their Tag Division stronger and right now they choose not to.

Tyler: Speaking of The Miz, what do you think of his current role on Raw?

Joe: I actually love his role on RAW. He is starting to be something to see. I felt that they put the wrong person on RAW when they split apart Miz and Morrison. I felt Morrison was the best person for RAW, not Miz.
But he is coming out talking and showing up in the ring, which I like. He has pleasantly surprised me. Good job, Miz, is all I have to say.

Tyler- The Miz has surprised me as well. I hope they continue to do this not just with the whole Cena thing but even after, I think he could make a great heel on his own.

Tyler- Now looking at the rest of the roster changes, do you think the draft hurt the WWE as the ratings been on an decline lately?
Joe- I don't think it hurt the WWE at all. It actually strengthened it. I think they made some great moves such as Morrison to SmackDown, Kennedy and HHH to RAW, and others. The Miz thing turned out well too, I was skeptical before when they split them apart.
I knew they would split them apart one day, just didn't know when. But it seems to be working out with Morrison on SD! and Miz on RAW.

They sent CM Punk to SD!, which I loved. I think they made SmackDown an exciting roster, especially when they got rid of Kozlov and put him on ECW. Which is also looking good. So I can't complain about the draft.

Tyler: Yeah, I like the draft personally, I just don't see why the ratings have been hurting lately, maybe this is just a phase that will pass soon!

TylerSpeaking of rosters, many see TNA roster being superior to WWEs. Do you agree?

Joe: I wouldn't say that personally. I think they have some wonderful wrestlers in TNA, but WWE is not that bad wrestling wise either. When it comes to fast paced wrestling, TNA wins because of the X-Division, when it comes to tag wrestling, TNA wins again.
But when it comes to singles wrestling, WWE wins by a mile. Also they have superstars there that TNA doesn't. If we talk just wrestling, I think TNA has the best wrestlers you can see, they are just not used right many of the time to show it.
The WWE does the same thing, but I feel they are showing they want to improve their wrestling. If you have seen the people coming through ECW, you know that they are not bad wrestling wise. People like Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger, just to name a few. We can safely say they are good, right?
They are making them focus on singles wrestling mostly though, Kidd was until they had the idea to bring Smith in to help the tag division. So all we see come through there from now on should be great in the ring.

That should rival the good wrestlers TNA has like Styles, Joe, Angle, and Daniels. The problem is that we can name four men that are good with TNA, because they are the ones we are seeing.

In the WWE we see four men right off the bat people can name that are good wrestlers and they're new!
I think TNA is not showing us what they need to in wrestling while the WWE is at least showing us different people every week, something TNA has not been doing. We see the same people in the same kinds of matches. And they are not showing off their skills.
The WWE is letting their guys face different people and having them show off their skills, so because I am seeing that I can judge more on the WWE than TNA. This is why I would pick WWE's rosters in a heartbeat rather than TNA's.

Tyler: I agree TNA has some talented youngsters but dont utilize them which is a shame but that's on them. But on the other hand, WWE does not use Benjamin and others like they should but I think they soon will.

Tyler- Okay (laughs) this is an random one but I have been seeing this
> a lot lately but McCool or Maryse?

Joe: McCool, she is the better wrestler. And while Maryse has the better marketable upside, McCool is the future of the divas wrestling wise. So I would pick her. Although Maryse is getting better in the ring.

Tyler- Okay I have a few wrestling questions left, than will get to the gritty questions!

So here we go.

Tyler- Who are your current top five women/man wrestlers of today and why?
Joe- WOW Top 5? That is a tough one man. I'll try and get my top of today for both men and women
1.) Jeff Hardy
2.) Randy Orton
3.) CM Punk
4.) MVP
5.) Edge
1.) Gail Kim
2.) Awesome Kong
3.) Melina
4.) Beth Phoenix
5.) Michelle McCool
Tyler- Now what current wrestler reflects you and why?
I think Jeff Hardy does. He is not the best at what he does. But he makes it exciting and makes you want to watch and see what he does next.
He takes chances, some needed and some not needed. But he will do anything to entertain, like myself.
Like me, he had to climb his way to where he is today. It took him a while to get the WWE Championship, over 10 years in fact. He was so popular, yet the WWE did not want to take a chance on him getting the title for various reasons.
I feel some do not vote for my articles, not because they think it is a bad article, but they don't like me personally. They know I want an AOTD, which is my only thing yet to accomplish on B/R. And they do not vote for my articles because of that.
Like Hardy, I have many people here to back me. Some are just too critical of my work. I have never said I was a better writer than anyone.

I know I am not the best, but some of my articles have been good enough to be AOTD compare to those who have been. Not going to name any names here, though.
This is not complaining, it is just stating facts. Half of the B/R's version of the MEM hate my guts, and that is understandable.

A few of them are fair, but others are not and would rather make fun of my work rather than read the true meaning of what I am saying.
Do I make mistakes? Yes, so does Jeff Hardy. But, like him I deserve a chance to win B/R's version of the World title in the AOTD. Hardy finally won the WWE Title, and I will one day win an AOTD. I will not leave B/R until I do, in fact.  

Tyler: Interesting pick there, good comparison with the AOTD and the WWE Title.

Tyler- Now if you were an Pro Wrestler your self what would be your gimmick, name, intro and etc.?

Joe- Well, if you have seen my Secret Life of a Pro-Wrestler articles, which is coming back soon by the way, you know I have a few things I do there.
The Saving Grace and the Halo are the finishers
Saliva's- Hunt You Down would be the music
Name would be my name and I would have sort of an Angel Gimmick, a Savior come to save us all type of gimmick.
I would love to rival the Undertaker if I were in the WWE or Christopher Daniels in TNA.

Tyler- Yeah I have checked it out from time to time, but I could picture that gimmick, it would just have to be worked correctly.

Now that we have those wrestling questions through with lets get to the GRITTY B/R questions!

Shall we?

Tyler- How were you introduced to b/r?
Well, it was kind of weird. I was working for a wrestling website where I did news articles. It was not too fun because they mainly had me do straight news, no opinion, just news. I was ready to quit writing altogether, but I wrote for it to have something on a resume.
I was on Facebook one day, and there was an Ad for B/R. It said "Wrestling Writers wanted." So I thought, why not? I could give my opinion and it would be cool. I arrived and there was not many people there. I thought, it would be nice to reach the No. 1 rank and I stayed.
Tyler- Yeah, I found it by reading one of Dorothy's articles and I enjoyed it so much I decided to check out the world of B/R.

Tyler- But how do you think you rose to the number 1 rank so fast?
Joe- Well, in B/R's ranking system it took me 28 days to reach the No. 1 ranking. I thought it was pretty cool that I got up there. I got up there because of the comments and reads I got on articles. See, Ron Johnson was the top guy, he had over 300 to 400 articles at the time. He had also been around 2 years.
How did I, a dude who was not even around a month, get the top spot? Reads and comments. I didn't have but 150 articles at the time.

I wrote mostly news stuff and also opinion, so since I wrote so much and got so many reads and comments at one time, I got the top spot.
Others didn't write nearly as much as I did. So I stayed at the top. Then AkD comes in and did the same thing and that is how he got the top spot. It is more of a participation thing than anything.

Tyler: With a fast climb to the top, there is always a downfall. What do you think led to your downfall?
Downfall? I don't think it was a downfall, especially because I am still No. 2 dude. To me a downfall is like the Fall of Rome or the US breaking away from England, where the loser clearly died off.

I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I may take a break or two down the road, but I will NEVER leave forever. Especially now, because I want the top spot back one day.
Tyler- I notice here on B/R some enjoy your work while others just plain and simple disagree with you. 

Why do you think people love to hate you?
They love to hate me for a one of two reasons, it gives them something to do in their dull lives or they just don't like me and want to see me gone and love to do anything they can to make that happen.

And I could die today and they wouldn't care at all. Some are not like that of course, the people who love to hate me are ones who really need something to do in my opinion. They see me as a distraction or something ruining their thought-up version of B/R.
Tyler- I believe people love to hate you do to some of your pieces.

For example B/R turns into a soap opera? And do you regret that article? Do you feel it was necessary?
I don't regret anything I write most of the time; there are a few things I have written that I do not like and thought I should not have written, but someone liked it. If someone likes something, even if it is just one, I never regret writing it.
The Soap Opera articles were liked by a few people, so I have to say I don't regret writing it. I'm not going to say it was necessary, I just thought it was something fun to write, that is all.

Tyler: I expected a different answer, I am shocked you don't regret that as you even had to delete the article. That seems like regret to me. 

Speaking of regret, do you regret even reacting with Gilligan? What do you think of him? Do you feel like you were played by him?

Basically what I mean is he basically promoted himself on your articles and now even won a AOTD. Does that make you irate at all, knowing that is one of your goals that has not yet been reached?

Also, many people suspected him being you, which you denied. So who do you think this mysterious Gill is?

Joe- I don't really like the guy, I was never a fan of his. He started out as a crazed Jonas Brothers-type fan. He promoted me on other people's profiles, when he was never asked to. I asked him to stop and he continued on.

He promoted more on articles after that, and then people got even more angry that they were before. And the worst part about it was, they hated ME for it.
I was not in control of it in anyway what so ever! Yet, I was hated? I understand why people thought it was me, I mean TJ Duncan wrote an article calling me out for having multiple accounts, which I do not have.

The only person people think I am who I actually do know is berg, not Ice Berg, not Chedda, not Gilly, just berg.

We go to college together, and he didn't want to go under his real name on B/R so he used a part of my last name. Of course you would think he would have used Burg not berg, but oh well.
But back to the midget, I think he was smart in a way for the article he wrote. I mean everyone just about hates the rankings, yet they claim to care less of course.

I knew when he wrote it that he was going to get AOTD for it. Because obviously it was a pressing issue and people were going to be behind it, especially because he was one of the first to write about it.
I respect his timing, of course I disagreed with just about everything in it. It made me mad because the dude basically did that because of the wrestling section.

He claimed to be a fan of mine, and when I plainly asked him stop promoting me places several times, he didn't do it. I mean people were starting to hate me because of him, then all the sudden BOOM, I snapped.
I asked him to stop before, and I knew the only way to get him to stop was just tell him what I did.  He claimed afterwards I was a terrible writer and what not, when before I was the greatest thing since the Olympics.
I actually had a PI look into Gilly, someone who was a former "troll," and he figured out he is a guy called, Eddie. Well, that was his first name on B/R anyway.

He terrorized other places before the WS and was kicked off for it, then came back several times. Apparently he needs something to do with his life.

Tyler- That is some interesting info; there that some people may not know, either it's true or not, it's still interesting. But with all that aside...

Tyler- Celeste recently dropped her most famous article series the rumor mill, you decided to pick that up and turn it into "Joe's 411".

Many have criticized you for doing so, as you are looking at other sites and basically re-writing it and claiming its the best news out there because it came from you.

How do you call it the best news when you are not doing the research yourself? At least when Celeste did the mill she not only provided rumors, but accurate info. Do you see the 411 as a flawed series? 

Note: (I would like to give my wishes to Celeste and her family and hope she will end up okay)
Joe: I was behind Celeste all the way with the Rumor Mill, however with all due respect I thought I could do it better. See, while she did have good news, it was not nearly as good as what it could have been.

Many people asked me to do a series like it in the past, so I thought why not? Especially now because the Rumor Mill was no more.
I do research myself and also look at sites. See, if you go to a wrestling news site, you find a lot of info. But the problem is that they do not always have every piece of news; they miss a lot.

So one site may have two or three BN articles, but another may have one or two other ones the other doesn't. So I look across the net and find the best information I know people want to know.
I call it THE best place for news to help out B/R dude, I mean why not?  I don't think it is flawed, and I always site my sources if they are another site or something. I do know a few people on the inside, so I get some news from them too from time to time.

So in my articles you can find news you can't always find everywhere else. I give accurate news too, nothing I give is false.

It is either being rumored or going to happen. And I write if it is just a rumor or not too.

Tyler: All I am saying is if you were to write, you know, more articles, people would respect you more as an writer.

Now what do you think of these fellow writers which all have once criticized you once before at some point here on B/R? And be HONEST!
Joe- You want me to be honest? I respect them all you named, too.
AkD: a great writer, he has a lot of potential to not just be a web writer but also a writer for a career from some of the articles I have read from him.
Shane: a guy I really respect, the dude will NEVER gossip about something regarding another person on B/R that he has not told them to their face before. He is helpful, while also constructive. I feel he is a great CL for those reasons.
Josh Swell: aka the Model, The Future, CINCO, an so on. I feel he has too many nicknames: stick with one, my man. The dude is the king of lists, no one can do it better. I have news, he has lists. I liked his "Puppies" article personally, something a few others didn't.

I think the ones who didn't are ones who need to have fun in their life, because if they are mad at that, they are either not getting any and are so mad to even see a part of the female body or they swing the other way, if you know what I mean. Just my opinion, man. Josh likes to have fun, and I respect that.
Sualyman: he recently won an AOTD, and it was not a bad article in my eyes. The only thing I do not like about him is that he asks for me to comment on everything he writes. I just don't have the time, dude.

He is a great writer and deserved the AOTD. He has a good opinion on things and he has the potential to be the top writer here one day. He is great for being so young.
Adrian: here is a guy who I see a lot of me in. A dude who is not the best writer around and needs some improving. He has a lot of good ideas, but he needs help executing them sometimes.

I feel he has improved since coming to B/R and can only get better. He just now graduated HS. He takes criticism well too, which is great.
Jason Le Blanc: I feel he is an okay guy, great writer and has a lot of experience. You can at least talk to him about stuff, and he listens most of the time.

Sometimes not too much, but I always make sure my opinion gets in his head. He wants to make sure B/R's Wrestling Section turns around.

The problem is that he and Shane as CLs feel like they have to change things around too much, when they need to leave some things be and do what B/R was set out to do, have fun.
Tyler: Good writer, could use some improvement, but so could everyone. I feel you need to figure out, people will not always agree with you.

That is a problem for you, you feel that if you write an article that you express your opinion so well that everyone has to make sure they agree, and when they don't your ticked usually.

This is just something I have observed from comments and what not. People will disagree and they will talk about how much you are wrong. Don't take it as a bad thing, they are just giving their opinion. It is something I had to learn, too.

Tyler- I do agree with you on me needing improvement. But I would disagree on the me disagreeing with people as I only been in confrontation with you, my man.

If someone has told me that I was wrong on something or need improvement on something I would listen and see what I could do to correct myself. But I respect your opinion.

Tyler- (laughs) Now I am just going to get right to it: are you jealous of AkD?

Joe- Am I jealous of AkD? Why would I be? Okay, he has the top spot now, so did I for eight months. I proved I could hang up there, and now it is AkD's turn.

I will be on his heels and I feel all I need to do is go by the rankings system and hit a few big articles or so and maybe I could pop back up there. Of course AkD writes a lot, but I do too.

But getting the top spot back is not my first priority on B/R, I have been there, done that. I have done everything on B/R but be an AOTD winner. So, that is my one and only goal as of now.

Tyler- Okay, I do understand that. I also see that you have your eyes still set on that AOTD.

Speaking of AOTD!

After the soap opera drama article you decided to write a apology article. After reading the article I accused you of writing the article expecting to receive a AOTD, which I still think those were your true attentions. Are you willing to admit that yet?

Joe- Well, the article was not a soap opera article in my eyes. More of a roast to some of the B/R faithful. It was nothing personal and I labeled it humor.

However some did not take it that way, so I felt I had to apologize. Do I want an AOTD? Yes. Did I think I would get votes for the article? Heck no.
It was an apology article, nothing more. If they gave me votes, cool, I mean I would take them. But I am not going to say I wrote it for an AOTD, cause it wasn't for that at all.

I tried the apology, but some of the stubborn people hated the idea of it and did not like it at all. I say Screw them, I tried to apologize to you, if you can't accept it then I don't give a rip man.

Tyler- Hmmm RIP I never really heard that one before (laughs). Okay but everyone has a right to their opinion and that was my opinion and still is. Sorry, DUDE?

Now that I remembered what's up with this DUDE phrase? I thought I told you not to call me that (laughs).

Joe- The dude phrase actually started just out of no where really. I mean it really did. Sorry about calling you dude by the way, its a habit.

I actually didn't know someone's name online one day, so I just said, hey dude and I kept doing it and brought it to B/R.
I actually use it with people I meet too. If you work somewhere and you obviously don't know a person's name then you say dude. Or with friends and stuff. It is something a lot of people use where I live anyway, so doing it online is no problem.

Tyler- I see, I see okay I will just leave it alone then.

Now that you are at Number No. 2, you stated after after your downfall that you will rise back to the No. 1 rank. How do you plan on doing so?

I honestly feel you will not reach the No. 1 spot again as you don't deliver No. 1 rank work, nothing against you, you're a good guy and all (sometimes), but some of your articles are just not accurate number No. 1 rank-worthy work.

Joe- Deliver No. 1 rank work, it all depends on what you like personally. I could say I like American Idol and you may hate it. AI is the No. 1 ranked show in America when it is on, so obviously others like it too. You may not, and that is ok, it all depends on what you like personally.
I am not the best writer of course, but I write good stuff. I think I could reach the top spot as I have mentioned before. It all depends on what I write in the future though. And hopefully the wrestling fans of B/R will be along for the ride.

Tyler- Very true it all depends on what you write on in the future! Like Shane Howard said many times you will be on track doing the right things than you would all of a sudden get derailed.

Now speaking of derailed I noticed  you have proclaimed your self as "One half of Kings of Controversy". What is this all about?

Joe: Kings of Controversy thing will be revealed in time, so wait for that.

Tyler:  I will keep an eye out for that!

Now for the time I been on B/R you have been in alot of controversy on the wrestling section. Is this for attention? Like I said before you will be on track than jump right off and would end up facing blacklash for doing so.

Now just like Gilligan, is Joe Burgett an alter ego? I ask this because of the drama you seem to always have here on B/R. Is this an attention grabber?

Joe- Joe Burgett is my real name, I have the balls to put it out there unlike so many others out there. I do not put my face up, not because I am bad looking, but because I like to keep a certain image.
I like attention, no doubt about that. I mean, I am not going to say I don't. I became popular because of some of the things I did.

I regret some of them, but I am one of the most read wrestling writers on B/R and my stuff is all over the Internet, so I can't say I am unhappy where I am today.
Most of my articles are accurate, am I going to say they are all great? No. But, I have gotten better and most of the recent ones have been getting very good responses.

I have gotten a lot better, so I feel you are inaccurate saying most articles I write are not accurate. Because most actually are.

Tyler: Okay with that said Joe its been great having you on The Showdown today. I do have one question left to ask though.

I see that you enjoy competition as do I. I believe you need competition to make yourself better. With that said I see you as an Rival, or I would like to see you as one, I believe this would help us both craft are skills.

So I would like to challenge you in a write off. I have assembled non-bias judges that consist of JLB, AkD, Shane Howard, and Sulayman. Who would pick the topic of the article, deadline and the winning article.

Do you accept my The Showdown challenge?

Joe- I accept the challenge, but when you say non bias, I am not sure those people are, except Suly.
I think we should get Ron, Ross, Suly, and Kevin. They are not bias towards anyone of us and they know good writing. Heck, that is 3 AOTD winners right there.

I just think the guys you mentioned, other than Suly are not the biggest fans of mine and would vote against me in a heartbeat.
But I accept the challenge of course, just let me know when you want to do it and what it will be on and I'll be ready.

I will accept any challenge, and I absolutely love competition, so this will be fun! Thanks for letting me do the interview, and I appreciate the questions as they were some things people wanted to know.



Tyler- Hmm well we will have to discuss the judges, we will figure that out later but yeah it's been great but I have one more thing to show you so if you can follow me.

Joe- Sure, no problem.

(We begin to walk to an isolated area, Joe has no idea that he is walking into his own intervention)

We arrive in front of the door, were the intervention will take place, I open the door Joe looks around and see's AkD, JLB, Shane Howard, and Sulayman sitting there.

Joe face is filled with surprise and is wondering what the heck is going on.

Joe- Dude, what is this!

Tyler- Joe this is your intervention, to end and rid all this controversy that has surrounded you, Joe. Joe its time that you realize you need help.

Joe- Dude this is getting a little weird, but whatever I guess I can see what has to be said.

Tyler- Shane would you like to go first?

Shane- Yes I will go first.

Tyler- What would you like to say to Joe?

Shane- Here is what I would say to Joe:

"The one person I've known the longest in my B/R tenure has been you, Joe. We've debated, argued, laughed, and argued some more. We've also spoke through email where you have shared some personal (and hopefully truthful) information to me.

For someone who is in the journalism field and is pursuing the same degree I have, I think we should be able to get along better than we have.

I am confident that many of the writers here are capable of writing quality pieces, including you. Unfortunately, I think you take the easy way out and look for the cheap heat and 'spotlight for the sake of the spotlight.'

This is an open-source network and your name is very Google-able right now. For someone who is hoping to get into the public eye, I would think you would want to portray yourself a bit better.

"I think you need to take a look at the fact that many will see (from articles and comments) that you are a liar, thief, and also someone who doesn't own up to anything.

Could we please see Joe Burgett stand up and take responsibility for his actions. Step up and write better. As one of the senior writers here, you are quickly being left behind by some of the newer talent being shown off.

I think that is why you feel the need for this hilarious group you are now a part of. As a quick and easy way to get some attention back on you.

Step up and be better, as I feel you have it in you. I've seen improvement. Unfortunately, you took two steps forward and about five steps back recently."

Tyler- Thanks for the words, Shane.

Shane- No problem.

Tyler- Joe, any words for Shane before we continue.

Joe- Well that's Shane's opinion and I respect it but I am who I am and I don't see I need to change. I do see my writing does need improvement in some areas but hey we all need improvement.

But I see this as a joke and I will not need to hear from JLB, AkD, and although I respect Sulayman a lot I will not need to hear from him neither.

Thanks, but I think its time for me to go!

Joe gets up and leaves. Will he change? Only time will tell.

Sulayman, AkD, JLB, and Shane sit in shock as Joe still seems to be in his own world.

Well that is the end of this The Showdown, I hope you all enjoyed my comeback article as I been on a break lately with graduation, work and random stuff. But I am back to write some great articles. I am also going to team up with AkD to do some callabo articles so stay tuned.


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