Awesome Sports Video Remixes

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJanuary 29, 2014

Awesome Sports Video Remixes

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    Screenshot via YouTube

    Raw footage is good, but sometimes I like my sports film with extra sauce.

    It's beautiful what a creative mind can do once it's been turned loose on some verbatim sports footage. The juices start flowing, taunts turn to songs and Steve Spurrier ends up getting freaky to the dulcet sounds of R. Kelly.

    The point is this: Quality sports video remixes are like dessert. They're your average highlights and film that have been cut up and drizzled in music, AutoTune and satire.

    The following are some awesome sports video (and GIF) remixes, courtesy of DJ Steve Porter and a host of other creative minds. They're funny, inspiring and about 12 times tastier than your cut-and-dry sports footage. Time to eat up and go back for seconds.

DJ Steve Porter's 'All He Does Is Win'

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    One day our grandchildren will ask us, "Pop, Pop...who is this Tim Tebow that you and your shuffleboard partners laugh about all the time?"

    That's when we'll dust off our Apple HoloTablets, scroll to the now privatized and renamed version of YouTube ("Vidsy") and pull up this video by DJ Steve Porter.

    "That my Tim Tebow," we'll say.

    "All he did was win games?" they'll ask.

    "Oh, yes," we'll reply. "Just ask Skip Bayless. He'd never shut up about it on First Take."

    "First Take?" 

    "Another time, my child."

Steve Spurrier on an Exercise Ball ('Bump 'N Grind Remix)

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    This is footage of Steve Spurrier working out on an exercise ball set to R. Kelly's "Bump 'N Grind."

    It is childish, unnecessary and pointless. It's also perfect. Thank you, Mike Dyce and

NFL Bad Lip Reading

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    "No more cartoons! No more kung fu!"

    Is the new NFL Bad Lip Reading a "remix," per se? The content has been altered substantially to give it new meaning, specifically, the immortal words "wrist nub" and "Reggie Red Foot."

    That's more than enough for me.

'Riding Dirty' Runaway Golf Cart Mix

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    If only one of these remixes makes you LOL until you ROFLsauce, it'll be this one.

    YouTube user @lapk uploaded a video of the runaway golf cart that tore a swath of destruction across the field at Cowboys Stadium in 2011.

    The khaki-crushing joyride is now dubbed over with Chamillionaire and Ludacris. Remember, kids—hit and runs aren't funny unless it involves an unmanned golf cart and 2000s hip hop.



DJ Steve Porter's 'One Clap' Randy Moss Video

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    Of all the eccentric personalities in the history of professional football, Randy Moss remains among the most underrated.

    Moss didn't yell like Richard Sherman or try to impress like Terrell Owens, but the man dropped lines.

    We're just lucky someone as talented as DJ Steve Porter has mixed all of Moss' priceless gems into a single video. Why one clap? Because Randy Moss is too cool for applause. 

Ref Rides Derek Fisher Like a Pony

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    As Ginuwine himself knows, it's difficult to find someone who can ride without even falling off. 

    Fortunately for Derek Fisher, he found one such candidate in referee Mike Callahan, who refused to dismount the Thunder point guard as he attempted to remove himself from a scrum on the hardwood.

    Thus was born an incredibly awkward piggyback scenario, with Fisher trying to stand and Callahan saddling him like a bronco. Fortunately for fans, the most uncomfortable moments improve tenfold when an R&B soundtrack is dubbed over the top—a tactic Brian Floyd of SBNation has mastered. 


Mike Miller Shoe Toss: George W. Bush Edition

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    GIF via / @WorldOfIsaac

    Click here to see the GIF.

    When fans look back at Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals, most will think of Ray Allen's corner three and LeBron's lost headband.

    Glossed over in all this is the moment a small forward lost his shoe and hit a monstrous three-pointer with a socked foot on the ground. 

    To forget Shoeless Mike Miller would be to bleach out one of the most iconic moments in NBA Finals history, and in the spirit of remembrance Guyism's @WorldOfIsaac crafted a wonderful GIF of George W. Bush ducking Miller's tossed shoe.

    Here's to you, Mike Miller. May your legend never wane. 

Rasheed Wallace Remixes Jingle Bells

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    In this case, the video comes pre-mixed.

    Rasheed Wallace and the Detroit Pistons came together and remixed "Jingle Bells" in 2006. The result was majesty set to the sounds of Sheed repeatedly yelling the word "JINGLE!" 

    [Sniff] It's just so...beautiful.

'Ooh Kill'em' Celebration Mix

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    TerRio dances and sings. That's what he does.

    The six-year-old from Georgia was going about celebrating a made basket when his cousin Maleek started recording the action.

    The video ended up on Vine, where it caught fire and made its way around the globe. Within a month or so, professional and college athletes were doing the "TerRio." 

Brett Favre Retirement Remix

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    Thank you, Aaryn Blain—whoever you are.

    You put together such a lovely remix on the life, times and retirement of Brett Favre. I'll never forget when he left Green Bay and rode off into the sunset.

    He went out with grace, and for that we may never fault him.

'Getcha Popcorn Ready'

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    "I love me some me!"

    Behold—footage of two of the talking-est players to ever step onto the field. If you're a fan of either Chad Johnson or Terrell Owens, you'll appreciate this catchy stroll down memory lane created by DJ Steve Porter.

    One day in the future we'll have to explain these two men to our kids, and the wisest among us will simply respond "Child, please."

The Great Pine Marten Chase of '13

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    Never forget the Great Pine Marten Chase of 2013—a multistage takeover of a Swiss soccer game involving a woodland relative of the weasel and multiple professional athletes.

    Play was suspended, an athlete was bitten and most importantly, the theme song from The Benny Hill Show was eventually dubbed over video of the event.

    God bless the Internet.

'Tiger Woods Voicemail Remix'

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    Remember that little adultery issue Tiger Woods had a few years back? That little ditty?

    The scandal involved a cocktail waitress named Jaimee Grubbs (among other women) and came to a head in a nasty car accident/golf club attack scenario on Woods' property. 

    Part of the evidence proving Woods' infidelity was a voicemail he left on Grubbs' phone. Tiger asked the woman to erase the name on her phone (presumably a Blackberry) in order to keep her identity a secret from his wife. 

    That voicemail was remixed into a slow jam by YouTube user @halfdaytoday, and the result was flawless victory.

Michelle Jenneke's Warmup Remix

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    All it takes is a single, carefully chosen pop soundtrack to turn a warmup routine into an Internet sensation.

    Thank you to YouTube user @Pr0nfessor and more importantly, Michelle Jenneke, for teaching the world this most vital lesson.

Muhammad Ali Olympic Tribute by DJ Steve Porter

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    The DJ Steve Porter goodness rolls on with this unforgettable mix of Muhammad Ali highlights and quotes made for the 2012 London Olympic Games. 

    Incredibly creative and smooth, the video reminds you of an important fact—Ali on a slow day makes Richard Sherman's explosion sound like a choirboy.


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