Second Round Predictions From The AJ

AJ JarnickiCorrespondent IJune 12, 2016

Ah well, you can't be right every time. Anyways, coming straight at chya is the second predictions coming from me.  Let's pull a switcheroo and talk about the Western Conference first.

(1) Detroit Red Wings vs (6) Colorado Avalanche

Oh well, can't pick em all. I picked both these teams to lose their first round series. I thought the Preds would come up with a huge upset and the Wild would out work their divisional rivals. Turns out the only guy who came to play for the Preds was Dan Ellis. And, I just am incensed that Colorado won. Not one of my favourites. Anyways, on to this series. Well, Detroit is outstanding, a bit more than I expected. Osgood played well when called upon. Can he keep it up for another series, though? I am still skeptical about the goalies. Other than that, the offense is great, the defense is lead by the best defencemen in the new millennium. The Avalanche on the other hand are a team I really don't know much about, coming from the East. But Theodore won the series coming up roses all series. I think Burnaby Joe Sakic will play well, along with his supporting cast of Milan Hejduk, Paul Stastny and others. A good rivalry series, I say it goes all the way, but...Red Wings in 7.

(2) San Jose Sharks vs (5) Dallas Stars

I'm going to give away my pick really early in this analysis. I'm picking the Sharks to win the West. They are not only my favourite team left, but when J.R. (Jeremy Roenick, for those not in the know) scores 2 goals and 2 assists at the ripe age of 40 or something on Miikka Kiprusoff, you know you have a good team. The team has great scoring, lead by Joe Thornton, and the defense is absolutely fantastic with Brian Campbell, Team Canada, 2010, book it. And Nabokov, who could win the Vezina Trophy, and is amazingly the front-runner in front of Martin Brodeur. The Stars, all they had going for them was Marty Turco, and the offense was able to beat Anaheim. This is a better team in San Jose. Ribeiro, Morrow and Modano will lead scoring, but it won't be enough to beat S.J. Sharkie (is he still the mascot?) and the San Jose Sharks. San Jose in 6.

Now off to the East.

(1) Montreal Canadiens vs (6) Philadelphia Flyers

I watched last night's game between the Flyers and the Capitals, and my heart sunk when I saw Joffrey Lupul score. I hate Philly with a passion. That being said, they are a good team. The have the aforementioned Joffrey Lupul, along with Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Danny Briere. They also have Martin Biron in goal, so needless to say, it's gonna be a good one. They are young, however, those Flyers. I know what you're saying. The Canadiens are young too! That being said, they made the playoffs last year, so they have playoff experience, and they have Koivu back. They are healthy and ready to go, Carey Price will shine in a decent series, along with Kovalev and the rest of the crew from Montreal. Habs in 6.

A p.s. from the Habs celebration. What the heck are they thinking? Riots after the first round? Imagine what it'll be like if they win?!!?! Holy mackerel. Toronto had elaborate celebrations after they beat Ottawa in 2002, but not like this.

(2) Pittsburgh Penguins vs (5) New York Rangers

Hmm, weird how both conferences had the same seeds win every series. Creepy, isn't it? Well, let's get to this series. The Penguins played phenomenal, better than I thought they would against the Ottawa Senators. They entire should be commended. And the Rangers, ah, the Rangers. Sean Avery, keep your stick on the ice, as my parents used to tell me. The Rangers have Sean Avery, which helps them a ton. They have Jaromir Jagrmeister and Henrik Lundqvist i net. They look tough to beat. But the Pens have that toughness. Crosby, Malkin, Sykora, Roberts, Hossa, ugh! The list goes on and on. They win this tough good series. Pens in 6.

Well there you go, second round. Have fun cheering on your favourite team. Unless it's Philadelphia. No, I'm just kidding. But the Flyers suck.