Mick Foley Slams WWE over Lack of Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJanuary 26, 2014

Mick Foley, not happy after the Royal Rumble.
Mick Foley, not happy after the Royal Rumble.Casey Rodgers/Associated Press

Daniel Bryan not entering Sunday night's Royal Rumble greatly infuriated the Pittsburgh fans at the Consol Energy Arena.

In fact, the crowd vociferously booed poor Rey Mysterio merely for being entrant No. 30. (Everyone seemed to be hoping WWE had marked the last slot for Bryan, and Mysterio got blasted by the fans simply for not being him.)

As it was, Bryan's contributions to the evening consisted solely of losing to Bray Wyatt in the opening match (admittedly, the bout was pretty good).

The loud jeers eventual victor Dave Batista received upon winning also seemed to indicate that Vince McMahon was on a different page from his fanbase—and not for the first time.

Bryan, as popular as ever.
Bryan, as popular as ever.from WWE.com

But it's not only the WWE Universe that is unhappy with how things went down at the pay-per-view. Mick Foley has taken to his official Twitter account to voice his dismay about Bryan's treatment.

Foley, a huge fan of the former Ring of Honor star, had previously noted earlier in the day that he intended to put a brick through his television set if Bryan failed to win the Royal Rumble.

No word yet on the status of the Foley family television, but in the hours following the event, the Hall of Famer had strong words for the company:

Considering how diplomatic and affable Foley usually is—there's a reason WWE uses him in so many PR events—this is pretty surprising stuff. Is he endangering any future role in the company with these blistering remarks?

Ultimately, though, it's hard not to see his point. JBL got a spot in the Rumble. So did Kevin Nash. El Torito even entered. But somehow, management didn't let one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster enter?

Brie Bella, Bryan's real-life girlfriend, also voiced her unhappiness about the show.

Over on his Twitter, Bryan addressed his lack of involvement wrote a cryptic post, which may or may not be part of a storyline. It's difficult to tell with WWE these days.

Will the company sweep this avalanche of criticism under the rug? Or will we get some follow up to this on Raw?