Pro-Wrestling: Ingredients For a Great Match

Dezmond ThomasContributor IJune 6, 2009

This article is all about my opinions, but I think that others will also agree about my choice of ingredients for a great wrestling match. I will refer back to the classic Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals match at Wrestlemania 25. It's the best match I've seen in a while.

Story lines and promos 

In the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Undertaker and Shawn Micheals both delivered amazing promos. They showed the list of people who Undertaker defeated at past Wrestlemanias. They told an interesting fact, Undertaker has never defeated Micheals in one on one competition. One thing I really liked is that they built the hype up by saying it was the light versus the darkness. Micheals representing the light and Undertaker as the darkness.

Unpredictable matches 

Nine times out of te  I can predict who will win the match. However, this one had me on my toes the whole match. There were a couple of times that I thought I was going to be out of $20.00 due to Undertaker losing the match. This match was full of exicitment from both men including finishers, reversals, and high flying. Highlighted by Undertake'rs leap of faith when he jumped over the top ropes and nearly landed on his head. There were so many close calls that almost ended the match: super kicks, choke slams, elbow drops, last rides and tombstones all over the place. In the end it all came down to one mistake from Micheals to bring Undertaker up to 17-0 at Wrestlemania.


I don't mean to sound brutal and barbaric, but some of the greatest matches in the past had some blood in it. Even though Micheals and Undertakers match didn't have any blood in it. If it did I think only would have boosted up an already great match.

Amazing superstars

Like Micheals, Undertaker, Triple H, Stone Cold, The Rock, Randy Orton, Edge and many others that can make any match an amazing one.

That's it and that's all this is what I look for in any match that I see. Feel free to leave a comment or make an article for your great match.