When Is Vince McMahon Going to Pass the Torch?

Dana CarlsonContributor IJune 6, 2009

NEW YORK - MARCH 26: WWE wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Triple H attend the USA Network Upfront at The Modern on March 26, 2008 in New York City.  (Photo by Andrew Walker/Getty Images)

Time has a way of ticking away. How often have we seen the sports we love change with each passing year? Like anything else, they do. Sometimes it's in a good direction, and sometimes not so good. This is where the WWE fits in.

For a very long time, wrestling, in particular in the WWE, has been very entertaining, full of suspense, drama, laughs, love, pain, and suffering. All the qualities a really good show needs to survive. However, like all things, it must move forward or perish.

Vince McMahon has continued to produce a very good product for the last few decades. Now it is time to pass the torch to the new era of sports entertainment. His vision is likely still good, but his ideas for story lines have become too predictable and, dare I say, boring.

When you have guys like HHH and HBK at your disposal, guys who have paid their dues, and paved the way for all other professional wrestlers, you need to give it over to them. After all, they have been in the trenches, been part of some of the best story lines and certainly are two of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots.

It is going to take someone who has worked matches and worked them well, to keep the wrestling machine moving forward, not someone who has seen his day. Vince will never lose out, he will continue to be the "man" behind the scenes, but let the tried and true veterans who have lined his pockets move into the next phase of their careers.

Plain and simple, if you stop that from happening, you stop progress, at least for his company. TNA, run by wrestler Jeff Jarrett, while good is not great, I think there are too many guys trying to move that ship forward. It's just going in circles. Let this be proof that you need to keep things at the top thin.

HHH and HBK, are a good thing just waiting to happen. If their track record is any indication of the potential future of WWE, it will be bright. Vince has had his day in the sun, now pass it off and sit back and enjoy.