On My Wrestling Soapbox: The Return

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IJune 6, 2009

In the words of Kanye West, "It feels good to be home". (Listen to "Touch The Sky")

That's right, folks, after a bit of a hiatus, I'm back with another edition of the "Soapbox" where we examine the happenings of the world of wrestling. 

This is a very special article in that I would like to dedicate it to one of my peers here in the B/R wrestling community, Celeste Winchester.  

Hope you get well soon and we'll continue to keep you in our prayers. 

So without further ado, I am officially on the "Soapbox."

Mr. Kennedy

Just one week ago today, we where shocked with the announcement that the WWE released Mr. Kennedy.  After hyping his return to Raw and his appearance in "Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia," did the WWE do the right thing? 

The talk is that many superstars thought Kennedy was reckless in the ring and apparently made their feelings known to Vince McMahon. 

In my opinion, the move by WWE was a bad one. 

Considering that the WWE has a lack of main event talent, letting go a charismatic star like Kennedy just doesn't make sense.

If he is reckless in the ring, why not work with him to make him better? Isn't that part of development? 

Yes, I know he is injury-prone but that hasn't stopped the WWE before.  If you have the talent, the WWE will keep you.

When that 90-day no complete clause is up, look for TNA to jump on signing Kennedy.

Fogey's Reunited 

I have a lot of respect for fellow B/R writer Adam TNestA (Testa).  Though a big fan of TNA, he doesn't shy away from giving them some much deserved criticism. 

Adam made the point on HTR this week that TNA can let go of talented wrestlers like Petey Williams, Lance Hoyt, and Roxxi, but yet they have room for Shane Douglas and Raven who are both in their mid-40's. 

While we don't know the contract situation for Douglas and Raven, what could they possibly contribute to Impact in an on-camera role? 

TNA has given me what I always wanted!!  Raven and Stevie Richards reunited! 

Give me a break! 

ECW vs. ECW? 

Ok, I'm a fan of Evan Bourne.  Love what he does in the ring but maybe just maybe the "air" is going to Bourne's brain. 

In a recent interview, Bourne stated that the current ECW would blow the original ECW out of the water. 

Is he crazy?  I think so. 

Who on the current ECW roster can compete with the likes of Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Taz, Jerry Lynn, Shane Douglas and The Dudleys? 


Maybe Christian?  Tommy Dreamer?  Maybe even Evan Bourne himself, but the notion that the current ECW is better than the original is ridiculous. 

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

First former WWE superstar Dwanye "The Rock" Johnson, now UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

Both became huge stars in the WWE and used that as a stepping stone for success in acting and MMA respectively. 

Recently, Lesnar mentioned that wrestlers are "brainwashed" and cannot possibly have lives traveling 300 days a year. 

Lest we forget, Brock, that the same wrestling that "brainwashes" it's current stars made you a household name and a huge draw. 

Do you think that you would have gotten a UFC title shot after just a few fights if not for name recognition?  Where did you make your name? 

That's right, in the WWE.

You were able to leave the WWE on your terms.  Even after the WWE pushed you big time and made you a huge star. 

Kind of sucks that because you've jumped ship to MMA you feel the need to bad mouth pro wrestling. 

You made the decision that you didn't want to travel the 300 days a year so don't knock the other wrestlers who are dedicated to the business and decided to do so. 

Well folks another "Soapbox" in the books.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to check out www.hittheropes.com the official website of the Hit The Ropes Radio Show. 

Be sure to tune in next week as the crew sits down with former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley!!


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