ESPN Announcers Photobombed by Absurd 'Free Bieber' Fan Sign

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJanuary 24, 2014

Justin Bieber's demise is another's opportunity to get on ESPN.

Thursday was just a regular day, unless you happened to be by a television, computer or smartphone. If that was the case, you were undoubtedly swept up by the hysteria that was Bieber's DUI, arrest, mugshot and departure from jail.

One sports fan decided all of that deserved a hastily made sign that now sits atop the Bieber cake of absurdity like a glowing candle.

Now let's blow it out.

Thanks to websites like The Big Lead, Awful Announcing and Lost Lettermen, we now know a fan managed to get his face and a "Free Bieber" sign onto ESPNU's coverage of Penn State's game against Nebraska on Thursday night.

Here is that sign thanks to a tweet from Dan Smith

It seems the sign was the masterstroke of Twitter user and Penn State fans Jake Weiner and Mike Puliafico. Here are some tweets chronicling his now famous sign:

Weiner even managed to snag an autograph from Brooke Weisbrod for his troubles:

Unfortunately, the "Free Bieber" movement spread further than just one man trying to infuse some tongue-in-cheek giggles into the proceedings.

At least, we hope this crew was out for the obvious humor. It did get fashioned on the back of what we hope was a well-savored box of Natty Light, the gentleman's beer.

So if you are scoring at home, the visible world—which is unfortunately, for most, relegated to social media spheres and broadcasts—completely lost its mind over this Bieber mess on Thursday.

Former NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson and Eric Dickerson felt the need to sound off on their neighbor who once famously rampaged around their neighborhood in his fancy car.

And then the Dallas Stars decided to troll the visiting Maple Leafs by tossing Bieber's mugshot onto the Jumbotron.

And so the sports world peeked over to see what all the fuss was about and decided to get in on some good ol' fashioned Bieber schadenfreude.

If you have any Bieber jokes, signs or memes, get them in now. The statute of limitations on how topical these might be is running out.

Until the Biebs decides to do something dumb again, so you roughly have until next week.


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