We CAN See You: My First Rant

Patrick HallContributor IJune 5, 2009

Hello Readers! This my first rant so I hope you enjoy!


Have you ever wondered to yourself "WWE? WTF?". I have many many times in the past with this almost brain-dead company.

Every time Cena manages to beat the unbeatable odds, every time Big show "knocks out" the Undertaker, and every time a somewhat decent storyline takes a turn for the worse (Kane's burlap bag, anyone?).

It's been getting better as of late, especially Smackdown.

I think if the WWE wanted to, they could make John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin the feud of the future while following the footsteps of Hogan and Andre and The Rock and Austin. I don't know what I saw during Morrison's promo, but I saw something that made me look forward to the future.



I've read on many insider sites (I read them, don't say you don't) that the big E is planning a storyline between The Undertaker and DOLPH ZIGGLER! Really? DOLPH?! Of all of the great young stars, they chose Dolph.

He's okay, granted, but he's nowhere near the level of John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, David Hart Smith, need I go on?



I've been debating whether the whole "PG thing" is helping or hurting the once great company. In my personal opinion, it hurts them to an extent because they had higher ratings when they were TV-14. 

Vince doesn't seem to realize that they've always had that younger audience. It's the older audience they've lost. I will admit I do miss blood in certain matches.

On Smackdown vs. Raw '09, you cant have a match without busting your opponent open. Speaking of that game, if you play as Big Show, there's a crowd chant that says "Show's gonna kill you". Maybe the big guys are paying more attention than we originally thought.



I probably have a lot more to say about "that other company". Am I the only fan Jeff Jarrett has on this community? I sure hope not.

At first, I thought the Main Event Mafia would help take TNA into the big leagues, but boy was I wrong. The MEM ran its course a few months ago.

Almost ALL of TNA's storylines are reaching suck level. I am a fan of the Suicide character, I just wish they'd change his attire a smidge.

He wears snow gloves for crying out loud. I think we all agree that TNA should put the world title on a TNA original, and I think the majority of that group want it to be AJ Styles.


So what did you think of my first rant? I'll probably have more to come in the near future. Please comment and spread the word if you enjoyed it enough.