Do Arsenal Really Need Yaya Toure?

Brian SonCorrespondent IJune 5, 2009

VALENCIA, SPAIN - MAY 13:  Toure Yaya of Barcelona celebrates the first goal during the Copa del Rey final match between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao at the Mestalla stadium on May 13, 2009 in Valencia, Spain.  (Photo by Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images)

Everyone realises that Arsenal need a strong and reliable holding midfielder, and Wenger may very well be setting his sights on acquiring Kolo Toure's younger, and more talented brother, Yaya, but do we really need him?

Here's a short list of the Pros and Cons that I've thrown together for your enjoyment to read, critique, and bash.



1. He certainly fits the bill in terms of what we need. As a holding midfielder/makeshift center back he would help strengthen the team, as well as add depth, whilst helping upcoming midfielders Song and Denilson.

2. He wouldn't have any problems easing into the team since he would have his brother, Kolo, to help him along, and is also a seasoned professional playing for the current European Champions. Yaya would add the vital blend of experience and steel into the Gunners midfield.

3. At 6'3", he would definitely add some needed height in our defense against set pieces as well as give us more presence on our own set pieces.



1. With his great form over the last season Yaya has cemented his starting position in the Barca midfield, creating a stable base from which Xavi and Iniesta move forward and dominate possession. Yaya plays a crucial role in helping to plug holes in the defense when necessary, especially in providing cover for the marauding Dani Alves.

2. His previously mooted price-tag, at £12m (€13.5m) seems to be at the limit of Wenger's budget and would most likely go up, especially since AC Milan are rumoured to be looking to sign him. If Milan sell Kaka then they may be more willing to splash the cash, thus inflating Yaya's price tag.

3. We already have a man, Kolo Toure, who can step up to the holding midfield position and might even excel there, meaning Arsenal might be better to focus on signing two new center backs, Hangeland and Vermaelen being two strong possibilities.

4. Also, according the the Gunner's official website, Wenger might look to groom Nasri into the holding, defensive midfielder partner to Fabregas.


In my opinion, Yaya Toure shouldn't be one of our top transfer targets, but I'm just a random Gunner fan rambling on a random thought that popped into my head. Tell me what you think.