NBA: Does Mark Jackson Pass the Height Requirement for Rollercoaster Ride?

Rodge CorreaSenior Analyst IApril 23, 2008

"A one - horse race"


"His to lose or decline"


These are few of many statements individuals from around the league and sportswriters have to say about Mark Jackson and his possible involvement with Wrigley's Circus (New York Knicks).  The back- tracking of Van Gundy who stated “its Mark's time” and the recently signed Scott Skiles to the Milwaukee Bucks make Mark Jackson the towering pick. 


Truth is no one wants to risk their careers on a franchise that I believe will be back to the old days in 2 - 3 years.




Is Mark Jackson suitable or being considered because he is the only person in contention?


Truth is! The former Knick has no clue how to run a club and only fantasizes about it with words threw broadcasting. That being said, I still believe the floor-general of so many NBA franchises brings youth the Knicks organization has never seen before. 



Pat Riley = No

Van Gundy = No

Herb Williams = Had no Clue

Lenny Wilkens = Sort of

Larry Brown = Nop 

Isaiah = Naaaa 


On top of that experience runs threw the veins of the star point that is capable of handling horse play on and off the court.


The selection of Mark Jackson will bring life back into the organization. He throws onto the table a friendly ambiance. The Knick players don't need a dad but a friend.


”A happy worker does a better job"


And lets face it the Knicks players have never been happy with these Hitler like coaches.


The All - Star Backpacker


Correct word to sum up the career of native Brooklynite Mark Jackson.  A star player he may have been but unfortunately no team really appreciated the talent of the play making point guard who came out of Bishop Laughlin Memorial and played in only one all-star game during his whole career.

Teams Mark Jackson has played for:


- New York Knicks

- Los Angeles Clippers

- Indiana Pacers

- Denver Nuggets

- Toronto Raptors

- Utah Jazz

- Houston Rockets


That's a lot of walking and truck and car pick ups only to be thrown back on the cold, hard and lonely road half way home.




Can the hardest and most difficult task of his career be the rebuilding of a     broken - down franchise? Will this make or break the chances of Mark Jackson strutting Brooklyn style down the Naismith Memorial road (not considered due to all the different teams he played for). The top head coaching candidate is expected to interview with Donnie Walsh any day now.


Let us pray...


 “Mark Jackson bring the Knicks home...Yesssah”

 “Scare away the evil spirits roaming...Hmmm”

 “Fade the abandon ways of the Knick present...Ahh mennnahh”

 “Bring us to the light....Yes sir”

 “Bring us back...Mmmahh”

 “Restore the light that once shined above!”

 “Restore Ahhh...”


If you have a better strategy let me know…Lol




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