My Evan Bourne Rant and Talking ECW

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 5, 2009

A recent interview with ECW star Evan Bourne came out in which he compares the old ECW to the WWE's ECW.

Here's what the interview says: "Despite billing himself as "a huge fan of the original," Evan disagrees with other hardcore ECW followers who have turned their back on the toned-down and superstar-starved WWE version.

In an exclusive interview, he told SunSport: "You can't make a direct comparison between the rosters, as we're so different.

"But if you compare ECW now to the old ECW on TNN: we blow that show out of the water.

"Every week we blow it out of the water.

"I have tons of respect for Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Super Crazy and Tajiri, as they were the guys I idolised growing up. I loved ECW.

"So that's why I'm so proud to part of the current ECW, to make sure the name has the same feel, and the fans feel the same way I did at that age."

First let me say in a way, Evan is right. The ECW on TNN is nothing compared to the ECW today. But that is not the ECW people remember, and here's where he's wrong.

I was fortunate enough to attend an ECW show in 1998, the night of the infamous Stairway to Hell.

I've have never seen something so insane and unbelievable in my life, but I've also never had a time like that in my life. It was a wonderful experience to be at.

The ECW today is a kindergarten class compared to the REAL ECW.

Bourne is using flawed logic. The greatness of the old ECW was it wasn't WCW or the then WWF. It was independent, bloody, lethal, and adult-oriented.

By the time it got onto TNN, it was on its last legs, and is nowhere near the right symbol to use when describing ECW.

The WWE ECW is a PG show now. No curse words, blood, insane spots that makes you think someone is dead.

I get a vibe from the interview that Bourne really wants to say "I" instead of "we", because most of the time he's been the only one ever talked about because of that Shooting Star Press.

But Bourne, if you're reading this, you couldn't fill the shoes of RVD, of Tajiri, of Sabu, of those you pretend to hold in such a high regard.

Do you forget an ECW ORIGINAL is still on the roster with you? I wonder what he'll have to say to you.

I understand you must be in the doghouse for some reason since you haven't been on TV much, but kissing up while putting down one of the greatest independently run companies of all time doesn't make you look good.

It makes you look like a tool. So do some research, and realize that your ECW will the real ECW.