Anderson Silva Wants to Fight Roy Jones Jr. Before Returning to MMA

Jordy McElroy@ IJanuary 22, 2014

Anderson Silva
Anderson SilvaEsther Lin/MMAFighting

It could be a long time before Anderson Silva is able to return to MMA, but in the meantime, the former UFC middleweight champ is eyeing a boxing match with Roy Jones Jr.

During a chat with fans on his official Facebook page (h/t, Silva revealed that stepping into the ring with Jones was next on his itinerary, not returning to the UFC:

When I get better, that’s my biggest goal, especially because I won’t be able to fight MMA too soon. Fighting in boxing is in my plans, yes, as soon as I’m able to fight again. And Roy is a big idol.

At UFC 168, Silva suffered one of the worst injuries ever witnessed in the Octagon during his middleweight championship bout against Chris Weidman. He broke both his tibia and fibula in his left leg after throwing a kick and slamming his shin into Weidman’s knee.

The bone snapped in half on impact, leaving Silva curled up on the mat screaming in agony.

A general consensus amongst fans was that the curtains had finally closed on arguably the greatest career in MMA history. Dread swept over the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas that night like a funeral, as emergency personnel escorted Silva from the cage on a stretcher.

A titanium rod was inserted into Silva’s leg during an emergency surgery, and miraculously, doctors expect him to make a full recovery. In an interview with ESPN, UFC President Dana White announced that Silva’s timetable would be six months before he could return to training.

While this outlook seems optimistic, it could take anywhere up to a year or even two years before Silva is in the cage again kicking at full force. Until then, it only makes sense that he keeps himself busy.

What better way to do that than challenging one of boxing’s all-time greats to a punching match?