Toronto Legacy: Little Brother of the Maple Leafs?

Dany LemieuxContributor IJune 5, 2009

TORONTO - APRIL 8: Brad May #10 of the Toronto Maple Leafs skates against the Buffalo Sabres during their NHL game at the Air Canada Centre on April 8, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by: Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

Well there was this nice press conference today in the great city of Toronto where Mister Andrew Lopez, the founder of the Toronto Legacy Group, unveiled the group's dream of a second NHL team in Toronto.

The team would be called the Toronto Legacy, and the colours would be Black, Orange and White.

This group's proposition had the following as highlight in their presentation:

An astounding 30,000-seat arena built in Downsview Park. The complex would also include a swimming pool, four outdoor rinks, two office towers, four condominiums, a hotel and community athletic centre.

Twenty-five percent of the Legacy's annual profits would be divided between charitable foundations and non-profit organizations. Carnegie's Future Aces Foundation for at-risk youth would be the first recipients.

And here is the icing on the cake: 15,000 seats would be sold at $50 or less.

It looks like this group has some solid ties with Investors Group, which has assets over $100 billion. And Pellegrini, president of the Sussex Strategy Group, has ties to many investment companies, including Power Corp. and Onex Corp.

This vision of a new team and way to manage their profit is a perfect example of thinking outside the box.

Now it's nice and looking good but you got the NHL with Gary Bettman and Bill Daly who are saying that the league as no plans for expansion or relocation.

They already have their hands full with Jim Balsillie and the Phoenix situation in court.

Bill Daly also said that he has never heard of this group before their announcement yesterday and the conference call today.

How can that be?

Could this new group be the brainchild of the NHL itself?

If that was the case, it would not surprise me at all.

What about the Maple Leafs?  How will they react?  Mister Lopez said that he sees the Legacy as a brother to the Leafs rather than a competitor.

There are two way a brother reacts to having a younger brother—and they are radically opposite.

You can have a very supportive brother that will help you along the way and be your very best friend.

Then again you can have the brother who is jealous, angry, beats you up, and basically want you to stop breathing.

I have a very strong feeling that the Leafs will be the angry and unhappy kind of brother.

I wish this group all the luck and courage in the world.

They will need a lot of it if they want to convince there big brother to let them play in their room.