Boxing Fact or Fiction for June 5th, '09

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Boxing Fact or Fiction for June 5th, '09
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1. Andre Berto is ready to take on the division's best at welter?


You can’t deny the fact that this is the golden era of boxing in the welterweight division. There has not been a more dominant division in boxing since the 1980's middleweight division with Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, and Duran.

The question is if Andre Berto is ready to take on the guys that Matt mentioned in his statement and I think he is. There is no denying that boxers such as Mayweather, Mosley, Pacman, Marquez, Paul Williams, Cotto, and Clottey would all be the toughest opponents in Berto’s career.

However, there has been so much hype surrounding this guy for the last five years, and thrown in the fact that he has beaten every guy put in front of him.

He had to will himself to a win against Luis Collazo in a fight that he said he was not a 100 percent. He proved to everyone that he does have the heart to comeback in a fight that might not be going his way. And this past Saturday, he totally dominated a world class fighter in Urango.

The undefeated Berto's quickness frustrated Urango throughout their fight. Urango continued to pursue Berto, but only found quick lefts and rights to the head for his strategy. The fight was a thrill for the eyes, but to me, it just showed the higher skill lever Berto has compared to Urango.

People that say that Berto’s performance was not impressive because of the hit and run style he put on a fighter who got outboxed by Ricky Hatton. But I really do believe that Berto was bored in the ring and toyed around with Urango. If needed be, Berto can turn right on as he did against Collazo.

I am not saying he can beat any of those welterweights, but I think it’s time to for him to pop his cherry because the more less talented fighters he faces, the harder it’s going to be for Berto to stand up to these guys.

But I see no reason that Berto can’t stand a chance against a Clottey or even a Sugar Shane. Did Clottey look so awesome against a fading Zab Judah?

Berto has looked way impressive his last two fights that Clottey did against Judah. The man is ready to take on those guys but I am not sure if he could win but he certainly has a chance.

2. Kermit Cintron didn't impress you against Angulo.


I haven't heard a more fictional statement since I have been writing for this website. Kermit Cintron revived his once promising career with his best performance to date by totally outboxing and outclassing the talented undefeated prospect, Alfredo Angulo.

Cintron totally controlled the pace of the fight and was the dictator in the ring. He made Angulo chase him around the ring giving so many different angles that frustrated Angulo for all 12 rounds. He showed a lot of heart and determination in the fight because you can tell that Kermit wanted this fight very badly, more than Angulo did.

He had a game plan. That was clear from the get, but it went suspect at times and he still fought his way back into control and got it back on track. Even though Cintron seemed to tire out badly late in the fight, he showed a ton of new tools, gassed, held, and bullied it across the finish line with assertion of control in the 11th.

Even when he tired, Cintron used his upper body to push Angulo around the ring. I can’t say it enough but Cintron totally bullied Angulo for 12 rounds.

I was never a big Cintron fan either. After watching him get destroyed by Margarito last year, I just felt this guy was good but not good enough. However, with this performance and the Margarito fiasco, Cintron has earned my respect as well. He has earned the right to fight top opponent and I am also for a rematch with Martinez.

3. Ruslan Chagaev should retire.


Do I really need to give any reason on this? There have been so many guys lately that can be given the distinction as the worst heavyweight champion of all time. Bruce “The Atlantic City Express” Seldon is one that comes to mind.

The whole heavyweight division is a joke and I feel they should all retire. I refuse to watch any of these bums fight because I know they are not the best of the best. Now John Ruiz is going to get ANOTHER damn title shot because of this? The fact that this fight got cancelled twice shows how awful heavyweight boxing is.

Why do we even bother covering the heavyweight division anymore? I forgot we are talking about Chagaev. Yes he should retire and so should all the other bum heavyweights. Let’s get on to Haye-Klitchsko and I will get serious about heavyweights again. I will even throw that Valuev should retire. They all should retire!!

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