My Thoughts On Extreme Rules PPV

Joe DantonniContributor IJune 5, 2009

Well I'm going to go into the important things in this PPV

We'll have Kofi Kingston vs. MVP vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal United States Championship:

The only thing that I think matters from this is that Matt Hardy will be busy and will finish tired so he won't be fucking up the quality of the main event Ladder match (I hope).

William Regal is getting in his paper of a jobber, he has won the Intercontinental Championship and the King of the Ring this year so I don't see him winning the US Championship. Maybe Matt Hardy as a heel could win the title, the last winners of US Championships were babyfaces (Kofi and Montel vs. Porter).

Or maybe the want MVP to build MVP's career as one of the best US Champions in WWE history, he has the longest reign though. And then we have Kofi Kingston, Intercontinental, Tag Team and now US Champion in one year. He deserves to be pushed so....

Winner: Kofi Kingston


Umaga vs. CM Punk

I don't know what's the point of this match, and I almost don't care if they are only trying to get back Umaga giving us the impression that he is a top heel....but it will be cool as well as disappointing for Punk's fans, if he steals the the other hand, I don't see Umaga as World Champion. But I still think that the Samoan bulldozer, in a Samoan match is the fav so...

Winner: Umaga (I would pay to see him do the GTS to Umaga :S)


Santina Marella vs Vickie Guerrero

First of all I am one those that think Eddie would be very angry if he was watching his wife like this... People hate his character and she annoys them....and because

Winner: Vickie Guerrero


Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger vs. Christian ECW Championship

There are rumors that Tommy Dreamer will leave WWE so mixing this, with the promise he made that if he did not win until June the ECW belt he will retire...I think he won't have his glory moment, at least this night.

Christian needs to be drafted. People are looking forward to watch him wrestle Matt Hardy, Edge or Jeff Hardy. I can see the Hart trilogy in the middle of all this, so...

Winner: Jack Swagger


Big Show vs. John Cena

No one have ever seen Big Show taping (even against the Scorpion Death Lock from Sting in his time with WCW)...and in the last PPV we saw Big Show down 1,2,3 against I have no idea about how this will go. Perhaps its time for Show to win something in PPVs so...

Winner: Big Show


Rey Mysterio vs Chris Jericho

I think that this story will continue so I guess Chris Jericho and claiming and opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship once again is going to be effective. This match looks to be one of the show stealer this Sunday

Winner: Chris Jericho


Batista vs Randy Orton WWE Championship

Two things, I almost don't remember Batista's last reign as I guess his time has come, and the second thing is that we have partners everywhere. With Triple H and Ric Flair out of circulation thanks to Orton's punt...I can see Ted and Cody making the save by distracting Batista, and then he turns and RKOO so...

Winner: Randy Orton


Edge vs. Jeff Hardy World Heavyweight Championship

This is going to be without a doubt the match that will steal the show. What haven't these two done yet with a ladder? We will see on Sunday. The rumors that Jeff will be leaving this summer the company for a break make me believe that he will lose but.....again??

I think that Edge is a great wrestler, one of the top guys in WWE, but nowadays, the heat is for the man that climbed ladders, putting the others over tables...and then the Swanton Bomb comes from heaven. He lost at Wrestlemania, he lost at Judgment he deserves the World Heavyweight Championship.

xIf he leaves and the returns, the impact will be even bigger if the announcer could say "OMG, IS THE TWO TIME WORLD CHAMPIONS!! THE EXTREME ENIGMA!" as they did with Y2J

Winner: I have no idea, I think they will make Edge win, as usual...but as I said, I have no idea. Personally I wish Jeff Hardy wins, but perhaps that's not what they want


Thanks for reading