Chris Horodecki: A Serious Pain in the Neck

Marco YanitelliAnalyst IJune 5, 2009

There is no workman’s Compensation in MMA. If you get injured and can't fight, there are no unemployment benefits to turn to.

How does this relate to Chris?

Well many MMA fan’s have heard of this young fighter before. He practically ruled the now defunct IFL (International Fight League). Like he said “I train hard, and I’ve got what it takes!”

While Chris (12-1) fights primarily out of Ontario, he was originally born in Poland. He is also a current member of Team Xtreme Couture, and is signed to a contract with Affliction.

Besides his obvious interest in MMA, he is also studying to become an Emergency Medical Technician and is a striking instructor. He trains with his friend Mark Hominick, also an Affliction product*.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding this “Polish Hammer” when it comes to his career as an MMA fighter. How good was he really?

He utterly dominated foes in the IFL, his only loss a result of showboating. Could he perform as well against other top MMA stars in his weight class? Could he fight BJ Penn? Sherk? Urijah? Brown? Its possible that fans will never know.

Chris suffered a bulging disc in his neck which reportedly caused him to lose 80 percent of the strength in his right arm. Despite this “Affliction” he still attempted to obtain a spot on the “Affliction: Day Of Reckoning” fight card

It was planned that he would make a comeback after a long layoff with a fight against Dan Lauzon (14-2) at the Affliction event. Unfortunately he was not able to pass the physical for this fight and was denied a license.*

From what is commonly understood by medical experts, his condition is highly unusual, especially for a such a young, healthy person. His ability to recover from this injury is not clear as back and neck injuries of this type can be very unpredictable and difficult to treat.

Hopefully his youth and conditioning will allow him to recover completely from his injury. It would be a shame to not see him back on the fight scene , perhaps next year.

For now though, his career is on hold and he has been removed from Affliction fight schedules.


“He coulda been a contenda!”.



-Marco Yanitelli, “The Italian Scallion”

* As per Wiki