F1: June 12 and After

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IJune 5, 2009

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - MAY 24:  FIA President Max Mosley is surrounded by the media as he arrives in the paddock before the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo Circuit on May 24, 2009 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

The F1 circus is known for off track antics than that happens as a spectacle on TV during race weekends. This is true especially this year with the teams looking to withdraw and seemingly a compromise being brokered to keep the F1 alive and kicking.

But as the reports indicate, this time around the issues are more serious than ever before and it could perhaps make or break a future for many an existing team and a new start up team. Going by reports and press statements across the F1 paddock and FIA stalwarts there seems to be an imminent clash of egos and that would be played by the rule book.

There are always two opinions shared on any issue here too the budget cap has generated quite a handful opinions some positive about it and some negative about it. Some teams are cheering them inside and not showing it out though, because it helps them work within their means, while global recession has made their survival a bit unlikely.

So we can understand what was Sir Frank William thinking when they went ahead to file their entry for 2010 a week before the deadline ended and all the teams cried foul. Not only that they took the Williams off the list of members of FOTA. His was an independent team without any manufacturer added to the name. The commercial considerations are limited to his interest in being in F1 than anything else.

As for other teams, they had F1 as a platform for their commercial interests being exploited. I would at this instance quote what Carlos Ghoshn had indicated to Renault F1 if they were not going to add to the value of the brand, they would be off F1. At that time Renault was the Champion and he had a point to make, being champion is one thing and if it does not help selling cars on road, then its not ok. Period.

To me it seems big teams can illafford to lose a platform as big as F1 for their marketing considerations atleast. A mega Television affair across more than 100 countries live for over 18 weekends, this is at best a global platform next to FIFA, which occurs only in every four years. So the situation has been win-win on the marketing front, never mind the results on the track.

All of a sudden, in a year where the minnows have dominated the time sheets in practice and a newly formed team in race results, we are caught in a controversy that seems to get bigger by the day. Some people even attributed motive to these events as an excuse for F1 to resurrect its image of being a level player.

Chances are that, as the Turkish Grand Prix is underway we might get some racy news of the teams who have submitted an entry, those belittled by the big ones.As I read through the statements they have offered, it seems that something fishy is gonna happen on June 12th.

After having told the FOTA they can have a separate championship, Max sure knows what he is talking, and he has had his way in some of the known controversies around F1. Now if he is giving ideas what do we make out of it. And if things don't go as FOTA wants, a rival series will be a possibility and am sure they will have their own budget cap or some big team will help them out with the smaller team.

My sympathy here is for the F1 fans. The people up there don't seem to appreciate the lesser known player that keeps F1 afloat paying huge money for the tickets and also getting up at odd times to keep the race going live.

How will this dormant player react to the events off the track and what will be his decision, are some of the moot points they are just taking for granted. Having built a cult following, fans I believe should have a definite say in the overall perspective of the sport for the betterment of the same.

Mine I think must be an Utopian suggestion, but sometimes we need to spell it out. I now don't want to suggest the inevitable if it happens though, but the sensitivities of those lesser people may please be communicated to those in the making of the drama.

Till such time lets enjoy what Turkish GP has to offer on track.