WWE Fans: Fanaticism Of Prepubescent Teen-agers

mason kitesContributor IJune 5, 2009

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I don't know, I joined this yesterday and started writing articles based on hard facts and based on my opinion. In fact I didn't expect anyone to read my articles, cause my main objective was to just write and express myself.

But instead I get a a lot of kids commenting on my articles, and within those comments, it is very difficult to find any form of constructive criticism.

In fact one user Krut, went as far as to report me to the admin and flagged my article. Man, see I am just writing here something that I can express my self.

My favourite sports are tennis, MMA, football and wrestling. Yes I do watch wrestling, I am no wrestling hater.

I just detest every aspect of wrestling, cause I think it can be better, but the fans, the companies do not believe in change, they believe in the same old formula that has resulted in substance abuse, a freakshow package, and just plain old garbage.

I used to watch wrestling when it was pure, the NWA, Bruno Sammaritino.. those were the times. Now its just a freakshow, with the audience baying for high risk-spots, I mean if there was a pure wrestling match, no one would watch, but if it was Mick Foley getting thrown off a 20-foot cage, yeah, that's exciting.

To me, that's as exciting as seeing someone jump out of a plane with no parachute. It's a fascination with the macabre. I don't mind sports but this kind of freakshow that pro-wrestling has become its just pathetic and who are to blame?

The company? No! It's the mindless fans.

P.S.: I am not saying all of you are like that, but there is the majority... the same fans who attack me personally, if I state my opinion here.

Is there anything personal in what I am saying, not . I am just stating my opinion, like it or leave it.

I can see so many negative things in pro-wrestling, especially where WWE is concerned, there is no show there, its just the cheapest form of entertainment, its like watching a movie that's worse than a z-grade movie if it exists.

I don't know how many of you watched Street Fighter: The Movie, an awful movie, but remember the last scene where the mad scientist injects a soldier with some kind of medicine that makes him grow freakish muscles?

That's what some of the pro-wrestlers remind me of: freaks who are roided up, that they are just a car accident happening to them. In fact, I have put a few bets on who wont get past 50.

But the blame of this is not on Vince McMahon or the wrestlers, it's the fans, that's correct: its the parents who take small impressionable kids to these shows, who grow up to become the kind of fans I have encountered on this site.

They are brainwashed into thinking this is entertainment for their own selfish reasons. You hate Chris Benoit, right? Who cheered him when he went for his top turnbuckle headbutt finish? You!

Who clapped for him when he went flying from the top rope on to the hard floor? You!

So what happened after multiple concussions and substance abuse? He lost his marbles. Now he is despised, after he entertained you.

It's happening all the time, you have wrestlers like Edge and Jeff Hardy who think the best cheer or boo they can get is to jump of ladders and try to outdo themselves.

What they don't know is other than the short-term appreciation is nothing compared to the internal damage they do to themselves, but they need that cheering and booing so they start taking pills to overcome the pain and keep on pushing.

Why? Because of all those fans who cheer them.

Now I am not saying all of you fans are like these. In fact, I did get some good constructive criticism, but the majority just bayed for my blood as they would in a WWE arena.

The image in my head is that of the Roman audience baying for blood in the gladiatorial combats. The tradition still continues...