College Football's Projected All-American Team for 2009

BabyTateSenior Writer IJune 5, 2009

"It's summertime, summertime, summertime," sang The Jamies in 1958. It is a song that says it all about this time of year. Cut loose, be free, and enjoy life to the hilt.

With this season comes the ever-present journalistic preview of who will be a member of the All-American college football team this season.

While we are at it, let's knock out an award or two.




Jerry Hughes        Texas Christian                 6'3" 255                    Senior

George Selvie       South Florida                    6'4" 248                    Senior

"Mount" Cody       Alabama                           6'5" 365                    Senior

Gerald McCoy       Oklahoma                         6'5" 295                    Junior



Rolando McClain     Alabama                          6'4" 255                    Junior

Greg Jones            Michigan State                  6'1" 225                    Junior

Brandon Spikes      Florida                             6'3" 260                    Senior



Morgan Burnett      Ga Tech                           6'1" 212                    Junior

Taylor Mays            Southern California          6'3" 233                    Senior

Trevard Lindley       Kentucky                         5'11" 175                  Senior

Eric Berry               Tennessee                       5'11" 205                   Junior




Zane Beadles           Utah                                6'5" 310                   Senior

Trent Williams          Oklahoma                        6'5" 310                   Senior

Brandon Carter        Texas Tech                        6'7" 360                   Senior

Russell Okung          Oklahoma State                6'6" 310                   Senior

Ciron Black              Louisiana State                 6'5" 330                   Senior



Dez Bryant               Oklahoma State                6'2" 215                   Junior

Dezmon Briscoe        Kansas                             6'3" 210                   Junior

Jermaine Gresham    Oklahoma                         6'6" 265                   Senior



Jonathan Dwyer       Ga Tech                           6'0" 237                   Junior

Jahvid Best              California                         5'10" 196                 Junior

Tim Tebow               Florida                             6'3" 248                   Senior



Zoltan Mesko           Michigan                           6'5" 240                  Senior



Kai Forbath              UCLA                               6'0" 200                   Junior


When it comes to the outstanding players, this may be one of the great classes of recent times. Let's take a look at the best of the best.


Best Defensive Back

Although supporters of Ga Tech's powerful "Captain Morgan" Burnett may angrily deny it, Kentucky's Trevard Lindley has paid his dues and deserves the recognition of being the best going into this season.


Best Linebacker

Michigan State's Greg Jones is a terrific run stopper, but Brandon Spikes of the Gators is a special player who stands alone.


Best Defensive Lineman

Alabama's monstrous Mountain Man may have this award before it is over, but Jerry Hughes of the Horned Frogs is the choice here.


Best Offensive Lineman

Tough call among all the great Big 12 stars, but the call will go to the Cowboys' Russell Okung.


Best Receiver

Another Cowboy, Dez Bryant, stands out among an elite group.

Best Offensive Back

The fearsome Jonathan Dwyer of Ga Tech and the elusive Jahvid Best of Cal may have the better professional potential, but this is a college award, and there have been few players to equal Florida's Tim Tebow in the history of the game.


Of the 24 players listed above, seven each come from the SEC and the Big 12. This is a reflection of the power of those two leagues.

The Pac-10 provides three stars to the list.

The Big East is represented by a single player, while the Mountain West, Big Ten, and ACC present two performers from their conferences to round out the remaining six positions.

Injuries, poor seasons, bad decisions, and losing records can all have an effect on who becomes an All-American.

It would not be a surprise if these players continue their steady pace—and by doing so, end up with hardware they can be proud of for decades to come. 


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