Would Glavine Go For Boston? If So, Where Would He Fit?

Anthony EmersonAnalyst IApril 5, 2017

A source close to Tom Glavine told Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald that the Boston Red Sox are "close to the top, if not at the top..." of a potential list of teams that Glavine could lend his services to.

The Red Sox have signed Glavine's long time friend and teammate John Smoltz during the offseason.

As I'm sure you know, Glavine was recently cut by his longtime team, the Atlanta Braves.

If Glavine is intrested in Boston, this would lead to the dilemma: Where would Tommy Glavine fit with the Red Sox?

The answer is, nowhere really.

The Red Sox pitching staff is so deep, that even the no-hit kid Clay Buccholz is down in AAA Pawtucket. Smoltz hasn't even thrown a pitch for the Red Sox yet, and they're trying to cram him into an overcrowded rotation and bullpen.

It's likely that the odd man out is the 5-1 Brad Penny.

Penny will become expendable after Smoltz is able to return from the 60-day-DL. The Red Sox have been talking to the Philadelphia Phillies about Penny, and apparently the Red Sox would ask for infielder Jason Donald.

But I digress. Glavine wouldn't fit in with the Red Sox bullpen or rotation. It's likely that the only reason that Glavine would want to join the Red Sox is because of his friend, and fellow pitcher John Smoltz, who spent many years together with the Braves.

This is Smoltz's first season with the Sox, and he barely fits into the pitching staff now. So how are the Red Sox going to add Glavine?

The answer is: They can't, without trading or DFAing other good players.

So, Boston, just don't go after Glavine. Leave him to the Mets or the Cubs or the Rangers or some other team.