With Jared Allen Deal to Minnesota, Chiefs Trade Certainty

Jason SiesserCorrespondent IApril 22, 2008

The Chiefs concluded their trade of Pro-bowl defensive end Jared Allen to the Minnesota Vikings.  Allen, a fourth round pick in 2004, is 26 years old and led the NFL last season in sacks, despite missing the first two games.

Allen was not the anchor of the Chiefs defense but he was their enforcer.  His presence was felt each game and now the Chiefs will attempt to replace him with a luck-of-the-draw draft pick. 

If you are re-building a team it would make sense to get rid of someone who is on the downhill side of their career.  Allen, at 26, is far from joining Michael Strahan in contemplating retirement.  This begs the question of whether the Chiefs know how to build a team? 

Who trades a proven commodity for entirely unknown quantities?  It isn't as if the Chiefs traded him to Atlanta and now hold the number three overall pick along with number five.  They traded what amounts to a top five player for a number 17 pick and two third round picks! 

This brings to light further debate about the Chiefs picks in the upcoming draft.  Will they use them wisely?  Will they trade down and attempt to gather more picks in the hope that they can stumble across another Jared Allen, minus the partying problem?  Will they show some draft savvy and not use bird-shot to bring down a lion? 

The top choices for the Chiefs now appear to be Vernon Gholston, Glenn Dorsey, Jake Long, and Leodis McKelvin to fulfill their needs and pick number five.  Number 17 could then be Jeff Otah, Derrick Harvey, Mike Jenkins, or Chris Williams, depending on availability.  

Have the Chiefs just taken a step back in their rebuilding of a faltering team?  Will this choice prove Carl Peterson is no longer the man for the job as Chiefs GM? The path to the draft just got a whole lot indirect for the Chiefs.