SEC Breakdown 2009: How Will LSU Fare This Season?

L.C. MayCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 31: Head coach Les Miles (center) and the LSU Tigers celebrate after a 38-3 win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in the Chick-fil-A Bowl on December 31, 2008 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

LSU has officially begun the Les Miles years. What I mean by that is the very last few players on Les Miles team that Nick Saban recruited are gone. So, how is Les Miles and the LSU Tigers going to fare this coming season?

One of the main things people watched for in LSU this year was recruiting. Well, if you're an LSU fan, then you became quite happy after this past recruiting season. Les Miles and his coaching staff were able to recruit players like Russell Sheppard, Rueben Randle, Craig Loston, Chris Davenport, and Michael Ford. Most of these recruits should make an impact this year.

In the quarterback position LSU had a few troubles. Jordon Jefferson did a fantastic job at quarterback, but unfortunately, LSU did not put him in until their bowl game.

This year LSU will not have a problem at quarterback simply because they have two options, and they are both pretty good ones.

The first is to let Jordon Jefferson start, and the second is to let Russell Shepard start. Despite the quick moves of Shepard, the best choice should most likely be Jefferson.

Not only does he now have experience, but all LSU fans trust him because they have seen him play in a college football game. This is probably unlikely, but LSU might decide to have a duo at the quarterback position. Whatever LSU chooses to do, they will be a very powerful team quarterback wise.

As for the rest of the offense, LSU is looking pretty good.

They have a strong wide receiver core, including incoming freshmen such as Reuben Randle. LSU's running back system is a go because of speedy Trindon Holiday. The offensive line is the only thing that people should worry about—especially when the offensive line leads your team.

Most of LSU's offensive line are incoming freshmen or inexperienced sophomores. Most of LSU's strong linemen have left or graduated. I have a feeling that they will not be the worst offensive line in the SEC—just the most inexperienced.

On the defensive side of the ball, LSU not only has some very strong incoming freshmen, they have experienced players. LSU's defense should be one of the best in the SEC. Players that will most likely play in the 2009 season for LSU on defense are Jacob Cutera, Johnathon Nixon, Zack Elkins, and many others.

On special teams, LSU lost Colt David, which was arguably one of the best kickers in LSU history. They will be just fine on special teams though—just like every other team in the SEC.

So, how will LSU fare in the 2009 season? They will be one of the best in the SEC west and are one of the top contenders to go to the SEC Championship. They might not go undefeated, but with great recruiting classes like this past year's, they are on their way.