The 5 Reasons Why I Like Ray Emery and You Should Too

Patrick QuarryContributor IJune 4, 2009

OTTAWA, CANADA- JANUARY 12:  Goaltender Ray Emery #1 of the Ottawa Senators watches play as he gets set for a shot against the Detroit Red Wings during their NHL game on January 12, 2008 at the Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images)

I've seen all the articles on B/R telling me that Ray Emery is a big mistake for the Flyers. All these articles have two things in common.

One is that Ray Emery is too big of a risk. The second is that Martin Biron is more consistent and is the better choice.

All I have to answer is WHAT A JOKE.

Senators current General Manager, Brian Murray, said, "Emery has earned the right to come back into the NHL if he signs with the Flyers."

I say give him the chance.

The No. 5 reason why I like Emery is that his athletic ability is outstanding.

If the Flyers were to sign him today he would be the most athletic person on the team. Do any of us actually doubt his ability in goal?

Many of us are just saying this to hide the fact that they don't want to deal with Emery's off-ice allegations and misconduct.

I hope that Russia's winters proved it to Emery that he is extremely lucky to get another crack at the NHL. Hopefully, he also realizes that another screw up and he'll be on his way out the door again.

To bring up my next point, who does he remind you of?

The No. 4 reason is he IS the second coming of Ron Hextall. Now let's all go back a little bit. In Ottawa he was surrounded by a media-circus.

I mean what else is going on in Ottawa. When he comes to Philly how many reporters will follow him 24/7. (This doesn't include Tim Panaccio.)

He will be under less pressure in Philly and therefore he will be able to focus more on hockey.

Now back to the Hextall point. He won't tolerate anybody playing in front of his net and will let that person have a piece of his mind.

He also could probably take Crosby's head off with a swing of the stick. (Sorry Pittsburgh) Maybe Crosby would end up like Chris Chelios or Ken Nillson, but only Emery would be doing the Flyers dirty work.

If the Flyers don't acquire a defensive defenseman, Emery can take that role by being the Sean Avery of goalies. (Let's just hope he dooesn't end up like him.)

No. 3 reason is the fact that Emery kicked Biron's ass. The season before he was traded to Philadelphia, Biron was starting a game against Ottawa. A line fight broke out and emery was insisting Biron to fight him. When Emery pummeled him, Andrew Peters came and proceeded to fight Emery (totally classless). This one is kind of a joke so don't be so critical of it.

No. 2 reason is his passion for the game. He might be one of the best guys at playing hockey like it his last game. The NHL needs more people like this.

I would compare him similarly to Ovechkin. They both just love the game and have a sincere desire for the game.

Too bad because Crosby knows he has Bettman sticking up for him.

No. 1 reason is that he'll probably come cheap. Barring other teams interests the Flyers will get him for less than $2 million a year.

With that being said. Johan Backlund could fill in as the backup or the Flyers could target a lower profiled guy like Craig Anderson to battle for the starting position.

If all of this works out the Flyers would save around $2 mil. to $3 mil. in the goaltending category.

Although Ray Emery might be a permanent or temporary replacement, the Flyers need to develop their own goalie. As always, LET"S GO FLYERS!