Frankie Edgar—The Evolution of a Rising Star

MMADieHards.comCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

Mixed martial arts affords fans the opportunity to watch fighters mature and grow in their craft.

One such fighter that has continued to grow is Frankie Edgar. Fresh off a decisive unanimous decision victory over former UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk, Edgar’s professional record now stands at 10-1. Edgar, though, does not think that fans have seen the best of him yet.

“I believe I’m 70 percent of where I could go,” Edgar told “Confidence is a huge thing to take people to the next level, and doing what I did against Sean is definitely a boost for my confidence.”

Edgar showcased an impressive set of boxing skills against Sherk. These skills, however, are just one aspect of an overall fighting style that is constantly evolving.

“I’ve been really working on my jiujitsu with Ricardo Almeda, and I think that’s just another avenue of my game that’s going to get better,” Edgar said.

The Frankie Edgar seen against Sean Sherk was a considerable improvement over the Frankie Edgar that UFC fans have seen in the past, and Edgar credits the improvement in part to the 10-month layoff he faced between Sherk and his previous fight against Hermes Franca.

“I think a lot of times when you’re fighting pretty often, it’s hard to become different because you’re always training for an opponent,” Edgar said. “When you have some time off, you can worry about yourself and your skills and just improve on them.”

This does not mean that Edgar wants to schedule year-long breaks between each of his fights. Edgar is already back in the gym, preparing hard for his next opponent. He doesn’t know who that opponent will be, but the talent-laden UFC Lightweight Division promises to provide plenty of worthy opposition.

“I think [BJ] Penn and [Kenny] Florian are obviously two guys that I would like to fight, and I think the winner of Diego [Sanchez] and [Clay] Guida [as well],” Edgar said. “Obviously, Gray Maynard [too]. I have a loss against him, and he’s gotta be in the mix.”

“There’s a lot of good guys that could fight for the title soon, I just hope to be one of them and I hope I get the opportunity soon,” Edgar said. “I think I’m definitely one of the top dogs.”

It is this level of competition that pushes Edgar to strive for excellence.

“I really want to be a player in this game for a long time, and it’s going to take a lot of hard work,” Edgar said. “I’m definitely happy, but I’m nowhere near satisfied.”

As long as Edgar continues to have that mentality, fight fans can expect to see a new and improved version of him, every time he steps in the ring.

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