The 5 Worst Moments of the 2008-09 NBA Season

Billy Boob McNutt www.dbbsports.comContributor IJune 4, 2009

As the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Orlando Magic approaches tipoff, it’s time to break down the season that was, DBB style.

Here is the list of the top five worst moments of the 2008-09 NBA season. Why five you may ask? Because the NBA doesn’t deserve a longer list.

5. The Clippers trade for Baron Davis. Was there anyone else who thought this was a match made in hell? A hometown kid who can’t stay healthy to a team that never seems to be able to keep anyone healthy. Another rotten season for the worst franchise in sports.

4. Magic and near death in Oklahoma City Thunder Dome. No, it’s not Kevin Durant exploding on the Orlando Magic. It’s some David Blaine, Chris Angel, wannabe female magician who almost drowned at halftime of a Thunder basketball game. Watch the full video here. Can’t we leave halftime shows to mascots dunking off trampolines or some local misfit spinning plates on top of sticks?

3. Kevin Garnett going down. When that happened, all of a sudden the NBA (and Nike) went into overdrive. And why? Because they saw that nothing stood in the way of a Kobe/ LeBron Final, and they bombarded us with LeBron/Kobe, Kobe/ LeBron. Dollar signs danced before their eyes. Those dollar signs must have blocked out a seven-foot monster of man who wears an “S” on his chest and plays in Orlando.

2. The re-emergence of the Bird Man. I don’t care if Chris Andersen gave a great energy or lift to the Nuggets coming off the bench. The guys is some Hollywood clown with spiked hair and bird tats under his arms. He’s a punk, and it bothers me to no end that a guy who won’t admit to what he did, only that he was suspended, has 12-year-old kids and 80-year-old grandmas emulating him. I can see it now for next season, the Nuggets hold Bird Man Night and the first 2,000 through the turnstiles can get a vial of crack, or a free hypodermic needle, or 10 bottles of free Robitussin.

1. LeBron hitting that shot in the Eastern Conference finals. It’s great that two weeks ago that shot had suddenly become the greatest shot in NBA history. And now? Well, it was a great shot, it was a great moment, but given they didn’t win the series (Thank you SI, you prove the critics right once again), it meant nothing. And it also meant that we all suffered through countless replays for the same thing it got LeBron at season’s end—absolutely nothing.



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