Anquan Boldin Fires Drew Rosenhaus

The Prodigy@@FantsySprtsHomeCorrespondent IJune 14, 2016

Time for the Cards to take Action...

After last season’s impressive run through the NFC West, past the NFC Championship, and onto the verge of winning their first Super Bowl title ever, there’s no question that the Cards must keep their nucleus intact to have a shot at repeating.

With quarterback Kurt Warner pushing 40 years of age, the window of opportunity could be closing for these birdsall the reason why the league's fourth ranked offense needs to keep its best players right where they are.

In the offseason, the Cards took their first step, re-signing quarterback Kurt Warner. With  Larry Fitzgerald already inked to a big deal, the obvious next move with Edgerrin James expected to be released would be to fix their situation in the backfield.

What about Anquan Boldin? That was a situation that was supposed to have already been resolved when the team re-signed him in 2007. Since that time the Cardinals' second leading receiver has show dissatisfaction with his current deal, especially compared to the deal Fitz signed.

In recent news, the disgruntled receiver who had been following a hard line “new deal or trade me” stance, has fired his agent Drew Rosenhaus. Before Boldin had expressed his dissatisfaction, the Cards were a lock to return the same explosive weapons that carried them all the way to a lead late in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIII.

With Boldin unhappy and management slow to move its feet, to many observers it appeared Boldin would be dealt by draft day. Well, the draft has come and gone, Boldin is still a Cardinal, still unhappy, and the two sides appear as far apart as ever.

That was until the recent news of Boldin firing his agent. Boldin has hired a new agent Tom Condon (not confirmed) and it appears the gray clouds over Glendale, Arizona could be clearing.

With a new agent to deal with, the Cardinals will have a whole new set of cards dealt on the table, and it could be just a matter of time before both sides find a common middle ground. There’s no question the Cards' offense can be good without Boldin, but Larry Fitz and company will definitely be better with Q.

Together over the past three seasons, Fitzgerald and Boldin have averaged combined 169 receptions, 2,293-yards, and 17-touchdowns. Those are ridiculous fantasy numbers.

If the Cards hope to have the same kind of aerial assault in the desert this season, keeping Boldin in Arizona and on the playing field (including practice) should become a priority (if it isn’t already). With new player representation in play, now is the time for the Cardinals to take action and get Boldin resigned.


By David Ortega.