Florida Gators and Overall Strength of Schedule

brandon nealCorrespondent IJune 4, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Brandon Frazier #3 and Andrew Blaylock #14of the Florida Gators get ready to enter the field before the FedEx BCS National Championship Game against the Oklahoma Sooners at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images)

Now I'm from Gainesville, FL and grew up on UF football. In fact, I bleed orange and blue. So because of me being a gator fan, this issue is more sensitive for me than the average fan. It's sensitive because you always see my guys getting bashed for who they play. Which is unfair as ill try and explain to you readers

In fact, someone just wrote a article about the five worse out of conference schedules in college football. Who do you think topped of the list? My mighty gators. This happens a lot unfortunately.

Now I agree that UF has a lack luster out of conference schedule with the exception of FSU, who is some what on the way back. However, UF also plays usually a Citadel and a Georgia Southern. Maybe even a Troy or Eastern Carolina.

Now, not all SEC teams are guilty of playing such crap teams. All though most do play some garbage teams. Georgia played ASU. Tennessee played UCLA. Bama played Virginia Tech. Again UF plays FSU but since its annual it doesn't get the same props.

Now what chaps my ass is this. People Bash UF for playing troy. These people who are anti UF focus on Troy. That's all they wanna talk about. Is Troy. They forget about Tennessee. They forget about LSU. They forget about BAMA. They forget about Georgia. 

They forget about Ole Miss. They forget about FSU who is OOC. They forget about the SEC championship game. They conveniently forget about the games that gives us the No. 1 OVERALL STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE.

Now the Pac 10 is statistically stronger this year because of multiple over rated teams who managed to crack the top 25 this year, imo. But most years their OVER ALL STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE is low because of the weak conference they play in. Same with the Big10 and OSU. Which is why USC and OSU are playing in the first place.  

So could UF schedule a North Carolina, or a Texas Tech? Yeah. Should they? Maybe. I know it would be fun to watch. Do they need to? Absolutely not! Good for Tennessee. Good for Alabama. But at the end of the day UF still plays a very very difficult schedule. In fact far more difficult than Ohio State and USC. Yet these fans will continue to bash UF.

I ask you this. Whats more important? The three or four out-of-conference games we play? Or the entire schedule we play? The overall strength of the schedule is whats important. People look rather foolish when they pick OOC as the one way to measure Overall Strength of a schedule. 

So if the gators played what was considered to be the toughest schedule in the nation last year why are people bashing them for there schedule?  Is it simple hating. Or is it just ignorance?