Shane Mosley Swallowed Pride: Will It Really Pay Off?

victorCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009

NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIA - JULY 29:  'Sugar' Shane Mosley attends the weigh-in for the WBA Super Middleweight Title fight between Anthony Mundine and Crazy Kim at Newcastle Entertainment Centre on July 29, 2008 in Newcastle, Australia. Mundine will take on Crazy Kim tomorrow night in Newcastle.  (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Elections in the Philippines are set for May 2010, and current Jr. Welterweight champion and P4P king Manny Pacquiao has shown every intention in running for a congressional seat to further serve his "kababayans".

Pacquiao, at the most, is planning on having two more fights before campaigning full time for his political ambitions.

Or depending on how his next fight will turn out, his set October bout may very well be his last.

Just recently, welterweight Champion Sugar Shane Mosley agreed to the catch weight set up by elite trainer Freddie Roach for a possible fight with Pacquiao.

Along with it, he agreed to take the lesser of the 60-40 revenue split.

Pacquiao responded yesterday in an interview with Philippines' GMA News network that now that Mosley had reconsidered his initial stance, he is seriously considering pushing through with the negotiations to lock-in the fight.

Personally, I believe Mosley-Pacquiao negotiations will not push through until after the Miguel Cotto-Joshua Clottey and Floyd Mayweather-Juan Manuel Marquez fights.

Mayweather, in all aspects, is considered to be advantageous over Marquez and is expected to win their bout.

The recent turn of events, however, is sure to be an added leverage for Bob Arum against the former P4P No. 1, Mayweather Jr.

In full consideration of every factor involved, Pacquiao wants to have his next bout as the biggest PPV attraction fight he can have, and one that will generate more for him—money-wise.

Though a lot of people are clamoring for a fight between the two speedsters—Pacquiao and Mosley, despite having stirred hot debates all over the web, it cannot be denied that a showdown between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Pacquiao promises to be more lucrative.

Recently, Mayweather, declared that should a bout between him and Pacquiao occur, it will be a 60-40 split in his favor.

Arum blasted Mayweather with a verbal jab right after, calling Mayweather "disillusioned" and isn't worth even a 50-50 split against Pacquiao.

Should Mosley's fight-luring offer does not deter Mayweather from his stance and reconfigure his chosen ratio. The Pacquiao camp will still have the outcome of Cotto-Clottey to await.

Cotto is seriously being considered as a possible big fight for Pacquiao as well, but the Cotto camp wouldn't in any way look past Clottey and issue an offer to Pacquiao.

Presumably, the Pacquiao camp is expecting Cotto to win against Clottey and is expecting the same offer as that of Mosley.

The only thing left to straighten out is whether Cotto will agree to the catch weight or not.

Between Cotto and Mosley, Arum is leaning more towards Cotto against Pacquiao as both fighters are under his promotion.

Should Cotto and Pacquiao come into terms, Mosley will be nothing more than leverage, a wrench in an attempt to twist Mayweather.

Pacquiao will surely have a hard time against Cotto, but is expected to come out victorious nonetheless.

A Pacquiao victory against Cotto will surely mean another ace under Arum's sleeve on his own tactical poker match of a posturing against Mayweather.

In an interview on a British Sports Television broadcast, Mayweather stated that he's not so interested in regaining his position as king of the Pound for Pound Rankings.

Those statements, and his posturing on the possible revenue split may not really interest Mayweather in a fight against Pacquiao.

Should that be the real case, I can see Mayweather attempting to negotiate with Cotto right after their matches, or with Mosley.

But, if I am Mayweather, who would I rather fight—A fast paced bomber such as I, or a sturdy bomber but not as fast as I am?

Pacquiao's is Mosley. That leaves Cotto out of the speed issue.

Only then do I think that Mosley's stance reconsideration will pay off, and he will have his much anticipated showdown with the Pound-4-Pound king, Manny Pacquiao.